November 5th, 1999

[8:00 AM] More On The iMac Alarm Clock (With Pics)
by Staff

We have more information and pics of the Timex Alarm clock. While we have still not heard directly back from Apple or Timex, an Observer named Cannibal forwarded us a note he says came from Apple's Trademark department. Also, credit where credit is due, we were told that Nobeige, the excellent site from Jason O'Grady, has mentioned this item in the past.

From: Apple Trademarks <[email protected]>
To: "Cannibal" <[email protected]>

Thank you. Yes, we are aware of this one.

Thanks again,

Unfortunately, we still don't know if this design was licensed by Timex or not. This came in from Phil Kucer on another product licensed by Apple to a toy company. According to Phil:

I read the story about the iMac/Timex alarm clock and thought I might add that Apple HAS licensed the look of a Macintosh to another company.

The American Girl company sells a mini Macintosh. It looks like a Power Mac 5200 (all-in-one) and it's pretty cool! Now it they would only update it with a mini iMac....

Here's the link on the American Girl site:

Phil Kucer

Definitely go check out that link, as you have to see the American Girl computer. :-)

Last, but not least, we have some fabulous pics of the iMac Alarm clock from Tadd Torborg. Each thumbnail leads to a larger version of the image.

I've fallen and I can't get up!
Call Apple Tech Support!
From the side, it's just an
amazing resemblance.
A view from the top.
Mom? Can I go out and play?
This is our favorite one! :-)

Great pics! Thanks Tadd!

The Mac Observer Spin: These are going to be hot items for Macheads this Christmas (or other holiday buying period). Our advice is to get 'em quick while you can until we find out whether they are officially licensed products. They are certainly way too cute. :-)

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