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November 9th, 1999

[5:30 PM] Bungie Releases A Myth II Expansion Pack, For Free
by Staff

Our friends at Bungie have done it again. Bungie Software has released a Myth II expansion pack made by the talented team at Badlands. The title is called Myth: Chimera, but the new single player game is really for Myth II. Better yet, you can download the expansion pack from Bungie, for free. The company is also including it in the all-inclusive Myth package called Myth: The Total Codex. According to Bungie:

Any sane game publisher charges money for their games' scenario packs. But on November 15th, when Bungie releases its new single-player Myth scenario, Chimera, it will be available for download free of charge. For those who want to save themselves some modem time, Chimera will also be available as part of the new all-inclusive, eminently affordable Myth compilation, Myth: The Total Codex.

"What the hell is wrong with us?" asked Bungie CEO Alexander Seropian. "All kidding aside, this is pretty cool. What better way to thank the legions of Myth players for their devotion than to give them this awesome scenario for free?"

The most recent addition to the Myth world, Chimera tells the story of three heroes, veterans of the wars against the Fallen, who set out to confront a vengeful sorceress and the evil she has awakened. Developed by Badlands, Chimera features new units, characters and maps, and spins a new tale in the Myth universe.

Myth: The Total Codex features the award-winning Myth titles, Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter, Chimera, the official hint books for Myth and Myth II, a collection of officially endorsed plug-ins and fan-created multiplayer levels and the easy-to-use level editors called "Fear" and "Loathing. "Myth: The Total Codex will ship on November 15th and retail for $19.99. It will ship as a hybrid title for PC and Macintosh.

The Total Codex

The Total Codex is a tome of great power in the world of Myth. It contains the life histories of all beings, and many a hero has risked life and limb to possess it. As such is the perfect title for this all-inclusive Myth collection.

Since the release of the "Fear" and "Loathing" level editors with Myth II, hundreds of Myth players have evolved into game designers, making third-party maps and plug-ins and releasing them online. Some of the best of these are included in the Codex. Many of the plug-ins take place in game worlds entirely different from the fantasy battlefields of the Myth games, among them:

  • Assassin! - A single-player map set in feudal Japan pitting one ninj against a Shogun's army.
  • WWII Recon and WWII Titans - WWII-era combat with rifles, grenades, tanks.
  • Wild West - Gunslingers fight it out with six-shooters, shotguns and dynamite.
  • Civil War - The Blue versus the Grey with cavalry, cannon and rifles.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Cutlasses, rum and wild monkeys.
  • Worlds Collide - High-energy combat in an original sci-fi universe.

You can find more information and download links at the company's web site.

The Mac Observer Spin: Myth and Myth II were both very popular games and Bungie could certainly milk the franchise for a few more bucks by releasing the expansion pack as a US$19.99 retail package. This is certainly a nice way to thank the Myth community.

Bungie Software

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