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November 26th, 1999

[1:45 PM] Unreal Tournament Demo Updated. Mac OS 8.1 Compatibility added.

Westlake Interactive offers a bug fix to the Unreal Tournament full demo. According to Westlake Interactive:

An updated version (348m4) of the Unreal Tournament full demo (Rave, 3dfx, Software) is now available from a Westlake mirror. This version fixes a startup crash that happened on some Mac OS 8.1 systems.

This update requires you have downloaded the full 50MB UT Mac demo before (either 348, 348m2, or 348m3).

Grab it while it's hot, folks! The 1MB updater is available now.

Westlake Interactive

[1:15 PM] Apple Stock Watch: Short Session on Wall Street, Technologies at New Highs
by Wes George

It was a calm, low volume, half session day on Wall Street. Technology bulls continue to power ahead on the Nasdaq, but the Dow declined in a last minute sell off after being in positive territory all morning.

The personal income of Americans soared in October by 1.3% according to the Commerce Department. That's the biggest single month increase since April of 1994. However, what's gratifying for your pocketbook may not be good for inflation. Wall Street is going to start fretting over interest rate hike fears again and the bond market is headed for new lows on the news.

The Dow declined 19.26 points (0.17%) to close at 10988.91. Volume was weak due to the holiday at 307 millions shares traded. On one of the busiest shopping day of the year the major retailers were mostly higher as investors anticipate a strong Christmas buying season.

The Dow would of ended even lower but for the surge of interest in ATT (T) after they announced that they were going to issue a tracking stock for their wireless service and might do so in an initial public offering. ATT end up 4 1/4 to close at 57 7/16.

The Nasdaq advanced 27.82 (0.80%) to close at yet another new record high of 3447.82 on volume of 695 million shares traded. Technology's rally continued into the weekend as the Networking Index (NWX), Software Index (CWX) and the Amex Internet Index (IIX) all hit new record highs today. Telecom and e-commerce stocks were particularly strong today.

The S&P 500 lost .46 points (0.03%) to close at 1416.62

The 30-year U.S.Treasury bond was down 11/32 to close at 98 16/32, while the yield rose to 6.23% from 6.21% on Wednesday. Traders speculate that the long bond yield may head to 6.5% in the short term, partly based on the strong personal income data.

Apple traded up 3/8 to close at 95 1/16 on fair volume.

In Apple related stocks today, Macromedia soared 2 1/8 to end at 69 1/4. Symantec and Adobe ended down. Akamai and Arm Holdings advanced.

Apple's Power PC partners both ended in positive territory. Motorola was up 2 5/8 to close at 119 9/16. IBM closed up a fraction to 104 9/16.

It was a bad day for the Wintel cartel. Microsoft ended down and so did Intel, off almost 2 points to close at 80 1/4. Hewlett Packard was down 2 points. Dell, Gateway and Compaq all ended lower.

For full quotes on all the companies mentioned in this article, we have assembled this set of quotes at Yahoo! for your reference. We also have many of these same quotes reported live (20 minute delay) on our home page. For other stories regarding Apple's stock activity, visit our Apple Stock Watch Special Report.


[Column] Ask Dave - Epson Printer Driver Crashes, Mac OS 9 RAM, and Finder Delays

[11:00 AM] Spend Your Holiday Weekend Playing Quarters For Free!

Sperling Software has just released a new freeware strategy game called "Quarters". Accoring to Sperling Software:

The original Quarters game deals with the selection of coins from three piles of coins. Each player selects coins in turn and the person left with a single coin to choose loses!

I learned this game several years ago and finally turned it into a program. The program has elements of artificial intelligence and follows a "rule-based" AI algorithm. In other words, it plays as I do -- except it doesn't make mistakes. I think that you'll find it hard to beat!

After learning the rules, the beauty of the game is that it can be played anywhere with twelve coins. However, the strategy of winning the game is complex, but follows some veryyou can't, however, I can provide the solution. Please see details under "The Secret" button.

In any event, it's an intriguing game! I've enjoyed it for years, as I hope you will.

Quarters is downloadable freeware (235k).

Sperling Software

[10:50 AM] Check your Y2K Compliance with Update to Y2K Software Audit

Pedagoguery Software has updated Y2K Software Audit, their application that scans your hard drive and reports Y2K compliance of your programs, to version 1.34. According to Pedagoguery:

Y2K Software Audit 1.34 for the Macintosh is now available for update. This replaces version 1.33 which was released on November 15, 1999.

Changes since the previous version:

  • Database size: 2,140 files.

The update is downloadable shareware with a pre-registration scanning limit of 1000 files. Registration is US$38.

Pedagoguery Software

[10:30 AM] Office 98 Updated for Mac OS 9 Compatibility

Microsoft has released an update to Office 98 that fixes bigs and adds additional Mac OS 9 compatibility. According to Microsoft:

This patch will deal with two issues concerning Office 98's performance with the new Mac OS 9 --- creating and editing charts in Excel and Graph on Apple's Macintosh OS 9, and printing from PowerPoint to an Epson 740 printer via the USB port. By downloading this updater, you will be able to correct these problems.


In Excel and Graph on Mac OS 9.0 the Format Chart dialog is incorrectly displayed, making it difficult to create and edit charts.


In PowerPoint, printing to the Epson 740 printer via the USB port gives an "out of memory" error with no document printed.

The updater, which updates Excel, PowerPoint, and MS Graph is available for download from Microsoft.

Microsoft MacTopia

[8:30 AM] Inject Your Pages with Update to Injection Pro

Glucose Development Corporation has released an update to Injection Pro, its HTML META tag creation and Web browser equalization tool. According to Glucose:

New features in version 2.3 include:

  • Pages equalized to display perfectly on any platform are now up to 30% smaller
  • Users can add special tags to their pages to cause Injection to ignore unimportant information in order to improve Injection's content based META tags
  • Human readable SGML-style Style files allow advanced webmasters to tweak how their site is injected by hand
  • We've also fixed a few Mac OS 9 based problems and crash on load problems on the new iMacs.

A 5-day full demo is available from Glucose Software's Injection Page.

Glucose Software

[8:30 AM] Free MACWORLD Expo Booth Space to REAL Software Developers

Developers of REALbasic products have the opportunity to exhibit their wares at MACWORLD Expo San Francisco, but you need to sign up soon, because space is running out! According to REAL Software:

REAL Software, Inc. offers you the opportunity to promote your Made with REALbasic products (including plugins and other tools as well) in our booth at MACWORLD San Francisco 2000! We are eager to promote you and your products so here is a fantastic chance to get some high-level exposure. Participants will also enjoy exposure in other venues where REAL Software, Inc. appears.

This year we are dramatically enhancing our trade show presence with a 20' by 20' island booth near Apple, 2 side stations for one-on-one demonstrations of REALbasic, a theater, and more. It will be great!

We will have a limited number of time slots available where you will be able to promote yourself, your products, and REAL Software, Inc. Our booth will have a side station with a computer, monitors, speakers and microphone available for your use. You will be responsible for all your expenses but our booth space will be free. You may also get other opportunities to appear in our theater or other venues REAL Software has access to.

Available time slots are:

  • Wed. January 5 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • Wed. January 5 2:00 PM-6:00 PM
  • Thu. January 6 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • Thu. January 6 2:00 PM-6:00 PM
  • Fri. January 7 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
  • Fri. January 7 2:00 PM-6:00 PM
  • Sat. January 8 10:00 AM-1:00 PM
  • Sat. January 8 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Please respond as quickly as possible with your first and second choices of time slots so that we can plan.

E-mail Lorin Rivers at to sign up for a time slot.

The Mac Observer Spin: WOW! This is fantastic. To see more and more support for developers at all levels is a sure sign that the Mac market is growing fast.

REAL Software

[8:30 AM] QuickTime Channel Guide now includes Virgin Radio and N.I.C.H.E.

GuideCast today announced two new e-commerce enabled channels to its popular QuickTime channel guide. According to GuideCast:

The channel guide offers one click access to a wide variety of high quality QuickTime streaming and on-demand programming. With its online program guide viewers can see the programming lineup up to two hours in advance.

The New channels announced today are Virgin Radio and the N.I.C.H.E. channel.

Virgin Radio is the First UK Commercial Radio Station to Broadcast 24 Hours a Day Using QuickTime Internet Streaming. "QuickTime 4 provides the highest quality video and audio over the Internet," says Scott Law, QuickTime product manager for Apple UK. "For broadcasters who need to maximise the value of their content across several broadcast media, QuickTime is the only digital media architecture that allows them to create, edit and distribute audio and video in a single format." Mike Hales Managing Editor of Ginger Online said: "Virgin Radio is all about good music and great radio entertainment. Any technology that give us a better broadcast quality for less money is good for us, our advertisers and most of all our listeners."

The N.I.C.H.E channel brings interviews, videos, radio shows and many hours of programming geared to the urban scene.

"We are very excited about our new offerings," said Otamere Omoruyi, President of guideCast. "We've got an excellent lineup for the N.I.C.H.E channel including StarBlazers- a Japanese Anime series, exclusive interviews with many of today's Hip-Hop stars and QuickTime only broadcasts. When you combine these great shows with our integration of e-commerce within the QuickTime framework, we will be delivering a breakthrough media experience to our viewers around the world."

The Channel Guide is free to download from guideCast.

The Mac Observer Spin: It is fantastic to see more and more companies jumping on the QuickTime bandwagon. Streaming technology, like that used by guideCast, is going to drive QuickTime into the forefront and keep it there on both the Mac AND other platforms.


[8:30 AM] Free ListSTAR Upgrade Available Now

ListSTAR 2.0 Available -- Free Upgrade

StarNine has released an updated to it's mailing list management software, ListSTAR, version 2.0. According to StarNine:

The new version of StarNine's list server software includes:

  • Native support for PowerPC
  • The ability to use secondary IP addresses (allowing e-mail servers like WebSTAR Mail or EIMS to run on the same machine)
  • Integrated ListSTAR Template scripts for easy script creation
  • Better compatibility with newer, PowerPC-native versions of AppleScript

ListSTAR 2.0 is available in SMTP-only, with support for older versions requiring separate mail servers now discontinued.

ListSTAR 2.0 is a free downloadable upgrade for all ListSTAR v1.x owners.

ListSTAR/SMTP v1.x users upgrading to v2.0 can use their current serial numbers. Owners of all other versions of ListSTAR should call StarNine sales for serial number information.

New copies of ListSTAR are currently available for $295, with a fully functional evaluation at StarNine's web site. Additional product, pricing and serial number information is available from StarNine Sales by calling 1-800-525-2580 or emailing


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