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November 29th, 1999

[2:15 PM] Take Your WinNT-Mac Networking To The Extreme
by Staff

Group Logic has released an update to ExtremeZ IP. ExtremeZ IP is designed to make Mac to Windows NT networking much faster. The new version, 1.1, brings Mac OS 9 compatibility and a plethora of other enhancements and improvements to the software. According to Group Logic

Group Logic, the Virginia-based graphic arts software publisher, recently introduced ExtremeZ IP 1.1, the latest version of the software solution. Recently ported to the Alpha microprocessor line, ExtremeZ IP 1.1 offers faster file sharing performance, enhanced file format compatibility with Microsoft's Services for Macintosh (SFM), and faster startup times, as well as support for Mac OS 9 technologies and for workstations with remote access service (RAS) or multiple network cards.

ExtremeZ IP 1.1 enables Macintosh workstations to access files on a Windows NT server faster than the previous version, which was introduced in August. ExtremeZ IP 1.1 also features enhanced compatibility with SFM, which allows for seamless interoperability when copying files back and forth between ExtremeZ IP and SFM volumes, and faster startup times, which substantially reduce the time it takes to "index" a Macintosh volume at startup.

In addition, ExtremeZ IP 1.1 supports Mac OS 9 encrypted logins and Services Location Protocol, Version 2, which enables the software to be accessed through the Network Browser in Mac OS 9. ExtremeZ IP users can assign access rights to anyone for any file or folder in an ExtremeZ IP volume, and can hide any volumes that a user does not have privileges for, enhancing the product's utility for Internet users needing remote file transfer. ExtremeZ IP 1.1 also provides better support for NT computers with multiple IP addresses, including those running RAS.

Group Logic's port of ExtremeZ IP 1.1 to the Alpha chip allows customers running Windows NT on Alpha microprocessor-based computer hardware to dramatically increase file-sharing performance for Macintosh users. It also enables them to substantially extend the life of their Windows NT 4.0-based Alpha file servers, so that users gain increased return on their computer investments despite Microsoft's and Compaq's cancellation of Windows 2000 for the Alpha platform.

Developed by Group Logic in conjunction with Intergraph Computer Systems, ExtremeZ IP is an AppleShare® server software package for Windows NT. When installed and running on a Windows NT file server, the product allows Macintosh users running Mac OS 7.6 or greater to mount the Windows server through the familiar chooser interface. Since ExtremeZ IP runs the AppleShare protocol on top of the TCP/IP protocol, it performs substantially faster than Windows NT's built-in Macintosh file sharing services - Services for Macintosh (SFM) - which uses the slower AppleTalk® protocol. ExtremeZ IP can replace Services for Macintosh, or run alongside it, if necessary, for compatibility.

With ExtremeZ IP, graphic arts professionals and others using Macintosh workstations in conjunction with Windows NT file servers, like Intergraph's ExtremeZ InterServe servers, experience a highly accelerated response when opening or saving files. Depending on the speed of network interface cards (NICs) used, the product can speed files to and from Macintosh workstations by two to five times.

ExtremeZ IP is available in both server and workstation versions. The software makes Windows NT Workstation a viable alternative to Windows NT server for small Macintosh-based workgroups. With ExtremeZ IP, publishing professionals experience Macintosh-to-Windows NT connectivity that takes advantage of all the throughput capabilities of 100Base-T Ethernet. Accelerated performance will also be seen on 10Base-T Ethernet and maximum gains will be seen on Gigabit Ethernet. The result is increased productivity, more efficient use of computing resources, and streamlined workflow throughout the enterprise and across the Internet.

The update is free to registered owners of version 1.x. Pricing for the full version starts at US$1399. The company offers a demo version and more information for the product at the company's web site.

Group Logic

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