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November 29th, 1999

[1:00 PM] InstallerMaker Update Brings Host Of Improvements
by Staff

Aladdin Systems has announced an update to InstallerMaker. InstallerMaker does just what its name implies and allows developers to make installers for their products. The new version, 6.5, includes Mac OS 9 compatibility and lots of other features. According to Aladdin Systems:

Aladdin Systems, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc., today announced StuffIt InstallerMaker(tm) 6.5 is now available for download. InstallerMaker 6.5, the complete installation and data distribution standard, now allows developers to create installers that can expand their product distribution as well as gather applicable marketing information directly from their customers. New features include DemoMaker, which turns applications into demoware in minutes, an electronic registration card that can be customized to include marketing messaging, support for multiple Gestalt conditions, an auto-update installer archive feature, Mac OS 9 compatibility, new language modules, new lower pricing, and more.


Creates Demoware Quickly and Easily
The new DemoMaker feature allows developers to easily create demos of their software to increase product awareness and distribution to reach new customers. Developers simply choose the number of days for the demo to be active, paste in the graphics, and the demoware is ready to ship.

Custom Online User Registration
Now developers can incorporate a custom electronic registration form into their installers. Developers can ask their users basic information, as well as include quick marketing surveys, cross-selling information, product or company branding text, or more. The form can be returned via e-mail or the Internet, with the installer set to automatically launch the user's Web browser and open to the developer's Web page. The user can also print the form to be faxed or mailed.

Support for Multiple Gestalt Conditions
Now InstallerMaker supports multiple Gestalt conditions, including custom Gestalts for individual archive items, to make it even easier to build the most complex installers in record time.

Archive Freshening
The new Archive Freshening feature eliminates repeated searches for modified files by automatically updating installer archive files. Now developers can build installers in less time, with fewer hassles.

Zero-User-Interaction Installers
InstallerMaker can now create zero-user-interaction installers. All alerts, prompts and dialogs may be suppressed to completely eliminate any requirements for a user to respond, even to error alerts.

Performance Enhancements
Additional enhancements have been made to InstallerMaker to improve its performance. Developers can now create custom installers that support up to 224 packages to provide more flexibility for the most complex installers. InstallerMaker's language modules now include the following languages: Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Brazilian-Portuguese. Plus, 33 new Destinations have been added for Apple's new system defined folders and InstallerMaker and its installers are now Mac OS 9 compatible.

New Lower Pricing
InstallerMaker's licensing structure now offers lower pricing, plus developers can include up to three products in the projected total unit count to be distributed during the license period. The new pricing is as follows: $250 for up to 10,000 units, $500 for up to 30,000 units, and $1,000 for up to 60,000 units.

Other InstallerMaker Features

  • StuffIt 5 technology provides up to a 15% compression increase to build smaller installers that download faster, increase network bandwidth, and reduce distribution costs for all-around savings
  • PowerPC native for increased speed and performance, cutting build times in half
  • Significantly faster disk searches when using file type and creator in search criteria
  • Verify function identifies and reports damaged archive items for easy removal
  • Several timesaving features create custom installers easily, in less time

System Requirements
InstallerMaker and its installers require a Macintosh with a 68020 or better processor. The InstallerMaker application requires System 7.1 or higher and 8 MB of allocated memory. Technical support is free for licensed developers.

The product is available as an electronic download or on CD-ROM. Current registered owners are allowed a free upgrade. You can find more information at the company's web site.

Aladdin Systems

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