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November 30th, 1999

[4:40 PM] Chat With The CEO Of ComGrafix
by Staff is hosting their weekly chat tomorrow night (Wednesday night). This week, they are chatting with the CEO of software development firm. According to

Speak with Bob Horst, CEO of ComGrafix, Inc. Mr. Horst will be My Mac Magazine's featured guest on World Without Borders this week. The chat begins at 8:00 p.m. EST, Wednesday, December 1, 1999, at

So head over to World Without Borders for the MyMac chat tomorrow night!

ComGraphix -

[4:30 PM] Mac Gamers Petitioning For Homeworld
by Staff has started a new petition. This one is designed to help get Homeworld to the Mac. If you are interested in this game coming to a Mac near you, head over to and sign the Homeworld Petition!

The Mac Observer Spin: As always, the best way to get more games to the Mac is for Mac gamers to buy more Mac games! So after you sign the petition, head to a retailer or online vendor and buy that Mac game you have been eyeing for the last month! It is profits for the game developers and publishers that will bring the most new titles to our platform.

[4:15 PM] Apple Stock Watch: Apple Crosses the Century Mark, But Couldn't Hold It
by Wes George

Apple shares soared as high as 103 3/4 today as two upgrades awoke Wall Street to both Apple strong growth potential going forward and their currently undervalued position in comparison to the other PC vendors.

Kevin McCarthy, an analyst with Donaldson Lufkin Jenrette, said Apple's world market share could grow into the "double digits" in the next few years. Mr. McCarthy raised his 12-month target price on Apple to $140. He also raised his 1st quarter estimate to $0.90 from $0.87 and raised his gross sales target by $100 million to $2.1 billion in the quarter.

"Demand for the entire range of Apple's products, from the new consumer iBook and multi-model iMac series to the professional PowerMacs and PowerBooks, is very robust and supply is improving," according to Mr. McCarthy.

JP Morgan also raise its price target on Apple to $115, saying AAPL will "remain popular with investors gauging Apple's competitive momentum in the consumer PC market, robust anticipated consumer spending overall, and the likelihood of great excitement at the MacExpo trade show."

Apple was up 3 5/16 to end the session at 97 7/8 on above average volume of 7.5 million shares traded.

The Dow gave up 70 points (0.64%) to close at 10877.81 on a volume of 956 million shares traded. The Dow was up as much as 100 points, but lost it all in the last hour.

The Nasdaq lost 85.16 points (2.49%) to end the session at 3336.21 in what was the first really big sell-off in this recent run up. Volume was very strong at 1.5 billion shares traded, the forth largest Nasdaq volume on record.

A healthy dose of profit taking was administered by investors in every tech sector. Some of the downside was attributed to end of the month balancing of accounts by fund managers. However, Nasdaq 100 futures, which represent the high tech stocks, were down over 3.00% in late trading, indicating that the profit taking will continue tomorrow.

The S&P 500 lost 18.92 (1.34%) to close at 1388.91.

30-year Treasury bond were up 7/32 to close at 97 24/32, the yield fell to 6.29% from 6.30% yesterday. Bond traders are calling it an "oversold technical bounce", not the start of a new up trend.

November employment numbers are coming out on Friday, that should give traders some idea of the Fed's direction next year.

Consumer confidence rose this month to 135.8 from 130.5 in October after four months of steady decline. A rating of above 90 is considered good, so 135 must mean consumers are besides themselves with euphoria.

The National Chicago Purchasing Manager Index for November was down to 56.8% from 58.8% in October, a bearish sign for bonds.

Today was a mixed bag for Apple related stocks. Akamai continued to defy gravity up 10 points to 237. Arm Holdings advanced 3 3/4 to close at 148. While Adobe lost 2 7/8 to end at 68 11/16. Macromedia got clobbered, down 3 5/8 to close at 65 3/4.

Apple's Power PC partners, Motorola and IBM were both down. IBM declined 1 1/8 to close at 103 1/16, while Motorola gave back 5 1/4 to end at 114 1/4.

Apple's competitors were lower across the board. Gateway got the big boot from investors down 2 3/4 to close at 76 3/8. Hewlett-Packard and Compaq joined them in the losers circle. Only Microsoft advanced on the news that their lawyers are in Chicago to discuss a settlement with the DOJ.

Dell came out today with a consumer desktop PC priced between $1,000 and $2,349 depending the configuration. The Webpc as it is called comes in four iMac-like colors as well as forfeiting the legacy ports and floppy drive.

Investors weren't impressed, Dell shares traded down 3/4 to close at 43. The hurdles Dell will have to overcome to be successful in the new user market space are its lack of a retail presence and the fact that new users demand pampering which could put added pressures on Dell's margin.

For full quotes on all the companies mentioned in this article, we have assembled this set of quotes at Yahoo! for your reference. We also have many of these same quotes reported live (20 minute delay) on our home page. For other stories regarding Apple's stock activity, visit our Apple Stock Watch Special Report.


[2:30 PM] Holiday Gift Suggestion Of The Day: Clean That Mouse (For Cheap)!
by Staff

This begins a daily series we will do until Christmas. We are providing a Holiday Gift Suggestion of the Day for Mac users looking for the perfect gift for their loved one. For those not celebrating any hoolidays, treat yourself. :-)

Product: Dust-Off Mini Mouse Cleaning Kit

Manufacturer: Falcon Safety (Cleaning Products)

Description: Designed to meet the cleaning and preventive maintenance needs of the electronic equipment in today's business and home offices, Falcon presents a broad range of products, convenient and simple to use, for virtually every kind of equipment. A variety of kits, compressed-gas dusters, cleaners, wipes, swabs and specialized cleaning sheets offer the user a truly uncomplicated way to keep all office equipment - monitors, keyboards, printers , fax machines, copiers, phones, overhead projectors, CD-Roms, photo discs, ink jet cartridges, etc. - up and running , while helping to reduce costly down-time and annoying service calls.

Designed for care and maintenance of computer mice and track balls-removes dirt and finger oils from the interior and the ball, and keeps the exterior looking like new.

Contains 5 Foam-Tipped Swab/Scrapers, with Cleaning Solution for interior maintenance, and 5 Anti-Static Pre-Moistened Wipes to keep the outside free of dirt and smudges.

Price: US$4.95 (!!!)

This Gift Is Perfect For: Anyone with a mouse! We hate that bumpy, ratchety feeling your mouse gets when it gets gunked up! Ewwwwww!

Buy It Now: US$4.95 at

If you have a Gift Suggestion we should post, tell us about it!

Falcon Safety

[11:50 AM] Put Your Web Site On A Public Beta Diet
by Staff

Blue Line Studios is seeking beta testers for a new HTML code editor, WebsiteDietician. The new program aims to help condense and simplify HTML code, thus making HTML elements smaller and faster to download. According to Blue Line Studios:

Some WYSIWYG-HTML editors do an awful job when it comes to writing HTML code. Suddenly you get files occupying 20KB when only 12KB would accomplish the same. Although browsers ignore unnecessary chars, web users still have to download these bits and bytes, which will inevitably add up to the overall download times, thus causing your site to lose visitors.

WebsiteDietician features: batch file processing of entire folders, automatic PICT to JPEG conversion, live preview of quality loss caused by JPEG compression, as well as drag&drop ability.

Blue Line Studios is looking for a group of Beta testers in order to make WebsiteDietician an application free of any flaws, before it will be officially released. Persons interested in testing may apply by contacting Blue Line Studios. All testers will be given a free copy of the Final.

For more information, or if you are interested in being a beta tester, visit the Blue Line Studios web site.

Blue Line Studios

[11:50 AM] DJs Of The World Rejoice
by Staff

Fidelity Media, Inc. has updated the DJ mixing application, MegaSeg, to version 1.2. MegaSeg allows users to mix MP3 and QuickTime tracks using the same interface. The new version includes a number of feature enhancements and bug fixes. According to Fidelity Media:

Fidelity Media, Inc. today announced the release of MegaSeg 1.2 - the new version of the premiere Macintosh DJ Music Automation Software used to mix MP3 and Quicktime music live on your Mac with a simple to use interface. The new demo can be downloaded from their web site, Version 1.2 boasts many new features including a Library Preview function, Fade-In options, In-Playlist song marks, Import/Export Database, FilePlay sound engine option, speed, cosmetic, and interface improvements, as well as bug fixes.

MegaSeg is available for US$125. A limited demo version is available. For more information you can visit the MegaSeg web site.


[11:50 AM] MAC-O-RAMA Sheens Into The Holidays With A Sale
by Staff

MAC-O-RAMA is gearing up for the holidays by having another one of their sales. The company is has also made an effort to have many of today's most popular game titles in stock, and on sale. According to MAC-O-RAMA:

The Turkey Fest is over and now it's time to get down to some serious shopping! To start getting you in the mood MAC-O-RAMA has some great deals on the latest and greatest Mac games. Check these out:

  • Descent 3 (IN STOCK!) $45
  • Madden Football 2000 $46
  • Myth: The Total Codex $19.99
  • Tomb Raider 3 $43
  • Total Annihilation: Gold Edition $33

If you want to live long and prosper... be sure that you don't miss the:

  • STAR TREK fan on your list:
  • STAR TREK: Starship Creator Deluxe $29
  • STAR TREK: Omnipedia $15
  • STAR TREK: Next Generation Companion $22

For the little Mac on your list:

  • Bugdom $35
  • Dr. Brain: Lost Mind of Dr. Brain $15.95
  • STAR WARS: Droidworks $36
  • STAR WARS: Jar Jar's Journey Adventure Book $29

As always, you can get FREE gift wrap with any order.

Be sure to check out our $10 Bargain Bin... perfect for stocking stuffers or a little something for yourself! Prices good while supplies last or until further notice.

For more information, you can visit the MAC-O-RAMA web site.


[11:50 AM] Cohesion For Your Mac
by Staff

Macohesion has posted their December 1999 show entitled Finding of Fact Against Microsoft. The Macohesion show is and editorial perspective on the Mac industry and community. According to Macohesion:

Welcome to Macohesion. A commentary by Michael Piziak for the Macaholic. Macohesion - for Mac users that stick together. Please bookmark the page if you enjoy this unique site.

To hear this month's show, in QuickTime format, visit the Macohesion web site.


[12:50 AM] The Xhatch Files: Pen & Ink In Photoshop
by Staff

Inklination Inc. has released a new Photoshop filter, Inklination Xhatch 1.5. Inklination Xhatch brings pen-and-ink effects to Photoshop, and is replacing the Crosshatching filter. According to Inklination:

Xhatch 1.5 follows in the footsteps of the popular Crosshatching filter, and brings the elegance of traditional art and illustration to Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts. It offers graphic designers, artists and Web-content developers unique creative possibilities with an easy learning curve.

Inklination Xhatch 1.5 features 30 ready-to-use built-in effects, five unique apply modes, and the ability to design custom effects with a simple and elegant user interface. In addition, a large preview area, clear controls, and consistent results at all resolutions are only some of the features that enhance user productivity.

Like its predecessor, Crosshatching, Inklination Xhatch 1.5 make it simple to create traditional pen-and-ink effects from a variety of source images. But with the addition of the new apply modes, amazing full-color effects are now just a few clicks away. Other new features include support for CMYK source images, contrast control within the filter for ease of use, a completely revised user interface, and a larger preview area.

Inklination Xhatch is available for US$25. A demo version is also available. You can find more information at the Inklination Inc. web site.

Inklination Inc.

[Column] Wasting Time With The Idiots - Great Games for Cheap People

[Column] On The Flip Side - What The Heck Is Wrong With The Web?

[Updated 8:55 AM] Wall Street Analysts Bullish On Apple
by Staff

CNBC is reporting that DLJ, or Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette, as well as a "number of other firms" has raised Apple's stock target price. DLJ has raised their target to US$140 from US$90. JP Morgan has raised their target to US$115. The analysts seem to be pleased with Apple's general performance and are looking for a blowout quarter for the company. From Bloomberg:

Apple Computer Inc. (AAPL US) was reiterated ''top pick'' by analyst Kevin A. McCarthy at Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette Securities. The 12-month target price is $140.00 per share.

Apple is trading up between 3 and 4 points at the opening of the Nasdaq this morning.

The Mac Observer Spin: A "Top Pick" rating is mighty fine. Kevin McCarthy has long recognized Apple's potential when other analysts were stuck in the past when it came to Apple's future. Mr. McCarthy has been well ahead of the curve by often being the first to raise his estimates of the company.

Apple should trade well today and could close above US$100 for the first time ever. Though DLJ and JP Morgan are have somewhat of a spread for their target prices, both prices are quite respectable. In particular, the US$140 target from DLJ should really get traders going.

Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette,

[8:30 AM] Creepy-Crawly Edutainment Titles Updated
by Staff

The Mac-Stacks Emporium has released an update to its educational children's game series Creepin' Critters. Creepin' Critters Math has been bumped to version 4.2.1 and Creepin' Critters Clocks has ben updated to version 1.1.1. The biggest change in the updates are better Mac OS 9 performance. According to The Mac-Stacks Emporium:

The Mac-Stacks Emporium today announced that it had released new versions of both of its Creepin' Critter(TM) educational games, Creepin' Critter Math 2.4.1 ("CCM") and Creepin' Critter Clocks 1.1.1 ("CCC"). The new versions provide a way for OS 9 users to avoid an incompatibility that occurs on a few Mac models between the HyperCard Player which drives CCM and CCC, and OS 9.

What are the Creepin' Critter educational games?

Creepin' Critter Math is a math practice game with problems such as pre-K counting, basic math facts, and double-digit problems involving carrying, borrowing and remainders. Creepin' Critter Clocks helps children learn and practice how to tell time and relate between clock faces, digital clocks, and word problems (e.g., "5 of 10" or "quarter after 12").

The Creepin' Critter format is a multiple-choice challenge in which children choose the answer to a math or time-telling question by swatting one of four bugs which are creeping up a wall towards "picture frames" which contain four possible answers. If the incorrect bug is swatted, the other three continue creeping up the wall giving the child further chances to swat the correct bug. If the correct bug is not swatted by the time one of the bugs crawls underneath one of the picture frames, then the correct answer flashes several times and another problem is presented. After finishing a game, the problems which were answered incorrectly or not at all may be repeated.

The distance the bugs creep before reaching the picture frames may be decreased, giving the child less time to swat the correct bug, but increasing the possible score. An arcade-style "Top Ten List" shows the child's highest scores, and so gives an incentive to improve.

For children who do not like swatting bugs, an alternative game called Bubble Poppin' Math or Bubble Poppin' Clocks is included. As the name implies, this alternative requires popping the correct bubble among four bubbles which are rising from a bubble bath towards a steam enshrouded ceiling. Floating in the steam are four possible answers to a problem.

The license fee for each game is $10/Mac or $50 to site license an entire school. Free evaluation versions may be downloaded from the Mac-Stacks Emporium web site at The evaluation version may be upgraded to the full version by the entry of a password after paying the license fee.

System requirements: The Creepin' Critter educational games require HyperCard Player 2.2 or later.

What's new in CCM 4.2.1 and CCC 1.1.1?

For Mac OS 9 users running CCM or CCC in the black & white "evaluation mode", a button will appear on the title screen which allows them to turn off the transition effects that the programs display as the user navigates from screen-to-screen. In some models of Mac running OS 9, these transition effects occur EXTREMELY slowly. The button, which toggles between "Turn Transitions On" and "Turn Transitions Off", allows those OS 9 users who experience the problem to use the programs without having to deal with ultra-slow navigation. OS 9 does not cause any problems in each program's full color "licensed mode."

The updates are free to registered owners of the titles. The full version of each is priced at US$10 while a site license is available for US$50. You can find more information and download links at the company's web site.

The Mac-Stacks Emporium

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