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October 1st, 1999

[7:00 AM] Looking For That Cool, New, Hard To Find Mac Game?

Normally, a web retail site that has just added three new titles for sale would not make the news. However, MacTreasures is not a normal retail web site. The specialize in "n Macintosh software and hardware not found on retail shelves," and this means that the three new titles they added are hard to find. According to MacTreasures:

MacTreasures announces the addition of three new CD games to its site, Rasche's Doppelkopf, Rasche's Skat and Rasche's Sheepshead. Popular in Europe, each title is available in either English or German versions.

All of these products, and more, may be found on the MacTreasures web site. MacTreasures is an online web catalog currently listing almost 8,500 commercial unique and hard-to-find Macintosh software, hardware, and Newton products. Our titles are NOT found on retail shelves and are rarely promoted through direct mail catalogs. We carry software for everything from the Apple II's to the iMac's.

Rasche's Doppelkopf (Double Sheepshead) is a card game played by four people. Among card games, it is relatively complex (like Bridge) which gives it the ability to hold the interest of players over a long period of time. The basic outlines of the game have been standardized by the German Doppelkopf Association. The computer simulates three players each with selectable playing styles. Sound, game statistics, and assorted card types add variety. Explanations of the rules, playing strategy suggestions and a training mode are available for beginners.

Rasche's Skat is a card game played by three or more players. Individual games are undertaken by a soloist and two opponents. Invented in the early 19th century in Altenburg, Germany, it has developed into the most popular and widespread German card game. It is played today by over 20 million players worldwide. Bridge players will find a new challenge. Players of Euchre, Pinochle, and Sheepshead will enjoy the step up. The computer simulates up to two players. You can play under the official rules of select other popular non-official options such a pub Skat, Doubling and Redoubling, and Bock Rounds.

Rasche's Sheepshead (Schafkopf) is a popular family and community card game. Although the basics can be learned quickly, it has a number of subtleties which give it the ability to hold the interest of players over a long period of time. The rich history of this game has produced a number of local variations, but the basic outlines have been standardized by the German Sheepshead Association. These and US rules from the National Sheepshead Association, for the basis of this program which implements a four-player version of the game. My Mac is a monthly electronic magazine for everyday Mac users. It is dedicated to bringing Mac readers product reviews, information, humor, commentary, and great links to other Macintosh resources.

Rasche's Doppelkopf is priced at US$42.
Rasche's Skat is priced at US$46
Rasche's Sheepshead is priced at US$42.

MacTreasures offers academic pricing as well as gift certificates for all of their products.

The Mac Observer Spin: You have to love a touch of the Old Country. More seriously, you have to love a web site that specializes in hard to find Mac software! MacTreasures has all manner of software and goes far beyond just games. Check it out!


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