October 6th, 1999

[4:45M] Apple Store Confirms OS 9 Pre-orders Are Shipping

The Apple Store has confirmed the fact that OS 9 is shipping and told The Mac Observer we should expect our copy (purchased) on Monday. We placed our order on September 10th, so you can judge for yourself when to expect yours. Our Apple Store representative also told us that he had seen some copies scheduled for shipping as early as Thursday, October 7th.

The Mac Observer Spin: OS 9 is scheduled to arrive at retailers on October 23rd, and this is a good sign that pre-orders are already being shipped. On the other hand, we are receiving scattered reports throughout the country that some G4s are past due and some iMacs will not be available for as much as 30 days. Considering the problems stemming from the tragedy in Taiwan, some delays in product shipments are to be expected. At least OS 9 is shipping on time. We will bring you more information on shipping dates when we get it confirmed.

The Apple Store