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October 12th, 1999

[11:15 AM] PowerMail Updated With OS 9 Compatibility And New Features

CTM Development has updated the e-mail application PowerMail to version 2.4v7. PowerMail provides a powerful alternative to the usual array of e-mail clients available for the Macintosh. Version 2.4v7 adds OS 9 compatibility, as well as a number of new features and bug fixes. According to CTM Development:

PowerMail is an e-mail client for Macintosh that combines powerful features with a clear, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface. PowerMail supports multiple e-mail accounts, both POP and IMAP, has advanced indexing and searching capabilities, and supports multiple languages and script systems.

New in version 2.4v7

  1. Fully tested and compliant with Mac OS 9, including with the new text encodings in Text Encoding Converter version 1.5, as well as the version of Stuffit Engine now included in the standard OS install
  2. Fixed bug in decoding attachments with filenames greater than 32 characters (such as attachments coming from Outlook under Windows 98)
  3. Fixed a bug when stuffing a file and encoding it with base 64 or uuencode: the file would get sent as octet-stream with an invalid type and creator instead of application/x-stuffit; the file would therefore not be unstuffed on the other end, nor be associated with Stuffit Expander
  4. Upon receiving, Stuffit 5 files could have trouble unstuffing - this is no longer the case
  5. Made fixes for users on Japanese-language systems in preparation for the Kanji version of PowerMail, such as displaying truncated address book names with three periods instead of an ellipsis or eliminating some curly quotes in progress dialogs
  6. Dragging of several addresses in encodings other than US ASCII was causing some update problems in the address book
  7. Decision was made is to only fill the x-sender field in case the account name (i.e. "joe" as in "") would be different from the e-mail address' name, i.e. if an address were "" on that same account.
  8. Improved importing from Emailer-J, especially for mixed-encoding messages
  9. Option-dragging an address into a group could lock the address book up
  10. Removed references to Internet Config and replaced them with Internet instead (as in the new Internet control panel) everywhere but in the menu bar (which still offers to launch Internet Config if it can find it) since most of our users now run Mac OS 8.5 or above
  11. Clarified terminology of POP account option "Delete messages after FETCHING" rather that after READING.
  12. A POP3 fetch transaction could hang if there were no messages on the server but the server answer -ERR instead of an empty list
  13. In the French version, the bottom left button of the Mail Accounts dialog was incorrectly titled "Annuler" instead of "Créer"
  14. The default encoding for incorrectly encoded messages is now assumed to be IS0-8859-1 in the US and French versions (which encompasses US ASCII perfectly as well) and Shift-JIS for the Japanese-languageversion

PowerMail is available for US$49, and a time-limited demo is available. You can find more information at the CTM Development web site.

The Mac Observer Spin: The Macintosh e-mail client market is dominated by huge companies with essentially unlimited budgets and resources. Seeing a quality program like PowerMail come out of a small development house shows that the Macintosh platform continues to foster originality, and, with that, superior products for Mac users.

CTM Development

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