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October 15th, 1999

[5:00 PM] Aladdin Systems Announces ShrinkWrap 3.5 Is Turning Japanese

Aladdin Systems has released the Japanese version of ShrinkWrap 3.5. The new version brings all of ShrinkWrap 3.5's features to the Japanese markets and includes several major upgrades from the previous version. According to Aladdin Systems:

Aladdin Systems, Inc., developer of the worldwide compression standard StuffIt(R), and act2 announced today that ShrinkWrap 3.5(tm) Japanese is now available. This new version easily creates segmented images and exact duplicate disk images for developers and a convenient disk distribution to iMac users via the Internet or for IS professionals for setting up Macs.

New Key Features and Benefits:

Easily create read/write/mount support for Apple's segmented images without using scripting software- ShrinkWrap Japanese is the fastest and easiest way to create segmented images. ShrinkWrap automatically creates segmented images based on the media that is being used. Users don't need to know how to write scripts in order to use this feature. It also includes segment checksum for added verification-making multiple CD package back-ups easy.

Support for HFS+- This allows ShrinkWrap Japanese to create large volume images, that result in up to two gigabytes of compressed data per image. For HFS+ users, creating a back-up image has never been easier or more reliable.

Option to not copy unused blocks of a volume- A volume can contain many deleted files which, though not visible without a disk utility program, are normally copied to an image file. ShrinkWrap will allow users to copy just the currently used blocks of a volume. This benefits users by assuring that only information they choose to include is copied, and saving media and hard drive space when the image is compressed.

Supports Navigation Services- Mac OS 8.5 (and higher) and ShrinkWrap Japanese users see Open/Save dialogs using Navigation Services. These Open/Save dialogs are now movable, support multiple selections where possible, and allow easy access to recent, favorite and network folders and servers- even those not already mounted in the Finder- integrating ShrinkWrap even more with the Mac OS.

Interface Improvements- ShrinkWrap Japanese is Appearance Manager savvy and has an updated Preferences window (similar to other Aladdin products like the popular compression access tools, DropStuff and Expander). This unites the ShrinkWrap interface with the System software and makes ShrinkWrap more familiar to new users.

"Distributing disk images over the Internet, a network environment, or to iMac users is easy with ShrinkWrap Japanese," said Mikiya Kato of act2. "Using ShrinkWrap disk images assures you that all files have been duplicated correctly and completely. Also, iMac users don't need to worry about a floppy drive, they can use ShrinkWrap images-they can receive ShrinkWrap images of floppy contents and use them like they would any other file or disk."

ShrinkWrap Japanese's easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface simplifies the creation of an exact disk image of the original source disk or CD-ROM for easy transmission over the Internet. With ShrinkWrap 3.5, users gain support for all commonly-used image file formats, making ShrinkWrap usage transparent and convenient.

Requirements and Availability

ShrinkWrap Japanese supports Mac OS 7.5.5 and higher, including Mac OS 8.6 for Macintosh and Power Macintosh. It contains both 68K -and PowerPC- native code, is AppleEvent aware, 32-bit clean, AV- '040 cache- and virtual memory-compatible. Although a Macintosh SE or better is required for full functionality, the Mac Plus can still use ShrinkWrap to mount, convert and verify disk image files. The Component Manager, available with QuickTime 1.5 or System 7.1 or later, is required to handle compressed or encrypted disk images.

ShrinkWrap Japanese is available online and is priced at ¥3900. You can find more information at the same web site.

Aladdin Systems - Act 2

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