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October 26th, 1999

[3:45 PM] MicroMat Updates TechTool Pro With Mac OS 9 Compatibility, Other New Features

MicroMat has released a new version of TechTool Pro, bringing the repair and analyzing utility to version 2.5.2. The new version packs several improvement, despite the incremental version number increase, including compatibility with Mac OS 9 and PowerMac G4s. According to MicroMat:

MicroMat Inc., developer and publisher of innovative Macintosh troubleshooting utilities, today announced TechTool® Pro version 2.5.2, a major update of their acclaimed troubleshooting program.

TechTool Pro allows users to test their computers like a professional, without the need for years of experience or a computer degree. The user can repair many Macintosh problems, verify system configurations, optimize performance of their media, check the integrity of crucial System software and enablers, make sure that the machine is running its fastest, and reveal the hidden culprits that cause the computer to slow, freeze or crash.

MicroMat's TechTool Pro chief architect, Jeff Baudin, had this to say about his company's new version: "Version 2.5.2 is our best version yet. We've taken drive repair to a whole new level. Besides the cool new features, we've added a battery of new repair routines that should make TechTool Pro the first choice when tackling a drive or other computer related problem."

* New "Rebuild Volume" Feature TechTool Pro now allows the user to manually rebuild the directory of their drives/volumes. This is utilized by selecting the new REBUILD VOLUME option under the Control menu of the simple interface or by choosing that option at the Volume Structures panel of the Expert interface.

Utilizing the Rebuild Volume feature is a helpful maintenance routine for several reasons:

  • It can detect and correct small problems in the drive directory before they become large problems.
  • Rebuilding the directory will create a smaller, optimized directory that can increase access speed on the drive and can shorten boot time for the computer.

TechTool Pro 2 has always rebuilt new directories (instead of patching the old one). The program also has always optimized these new directories. However, this was only done when a problem was detected and the user proceeded with the repair. This new feature allows the user to execute a rebuild manually. In previous versions, the ability to manually rebuild the directory was hidden. This was a technical support feature used by our support staff.

When used in conjunction with the new CheckDrive feature, the Rebuild Volume feature should become a valuable tool in your maintenance arsenal.

New "CheckDrive" Feature The new CheckDrive feature allows the user to preview a volume rebuild or drive repair prior to committing those changes to disk. After the volume structure has been rebuilt or repaired, TechTool Pro will mount a clone of that volume onto the desktop.

The user can then open this "CheckDrive" to inspect the contents and to verify that no problems will occur during repair. Files, folders and applications can be opened on the CheckDrive for inspection. Once the user is satisfied with the results, they can return to TechTool Pro and make the repair permanent which will then unlock the original volume and remove the CheckDrive.

To make comparing the original volume to the CheckDrive volume easier, MicroMat has added the new Technical Comparison feature (see below).

New "Technical Comparison" Feature A new feature that runs in tandem with the new CheckDrive feature is the Technical Comparison feature. As explained previously, the new CheckDrive feature will create a clone volume of what the repaired volume will look like after repairs have been executed. The technical comparison option allows the user to view technical data about the original volume and the CheckDrive volume.

For instance, if the file or folder count on the CheckDrive was different from the original drive, the user may not notice this discrepancy with a cursory inspection of the CheckDrive. By gleaning over the data in the technical comparison; the user can quickly ascertain if there is a potential problem before proceeding with the repair. To help further clarify these changes to the user, the results in the CheckDrive column is color-coded. Black text means that there is no change, green text indicates a favorable change and red text indicates an unusual or suspect change.


TechTool Pro is now fully compatible with OS 9.0. It is also "Pure HFS+" ready for when Apple decides to implement the new wrapper-less volume structure.

New Macintosh Model Compatibility

TechTool Pro has been modified and tested to work with the G4 computers, iBook as well as the new line of iMacs introduced in October 1999.

System Requirements

TechTool Pro requires a Macintosh II or above, System software version 7.0 or better, a CD or DVD drive, and a minimum of 5 megabytes of RAM. It is PowerPC native and works with the latest Macintosh models including clones.

Registered owners of version 2 can download the version 2.5.2 updater at no charge by visiting Those who wish to purchase a new, bootable CD with the latest version can order it for $25 plus tax, shipping and handling directly from MicroMat at 800-829-6227 or 707-566-3831.

An optional TechTool Pro Quarterly disk update service is available for $99 per year plus tax and can also be ordered directly from MicroMat at the number above. Additional information available at

The update is free to registered owners of version 2.x. A new bootable CD with the new version can be purchased for US$25 by registered owners of 2.x as well. The full version is priced at US$84.95 at You can find more information on TechTool Pro at the company's web site.


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