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October 28th, 1999

[8:30 AM] Update To CopyPaste Brings Mac OS 9 Compatibility, Other New Features

ScriptSoftware has updated the clipboard enhancement utility, CopyPaste, to version 4.4. CopyPaste allows many clipboards to be used, allowing frequently pasted information to have a reserved clipboard spot. The new version includes a number of bug fixes and stability enhancements. According to ScriptSoftware:

CopyPaste magnifies the clipboard in many different ways and has been declared **indispensible** by web developers, editors, writers, dtp professionals and everyone who uses the clipboard (and who doesn't use the Mac clipboard).

CopyPaste provides a new and powerful paradigm for working with information. CopyPaste multiplies the clipboard times 100 and makes it quick and easy to archive and retrieve information using familiar Mac OS technologies. Its a totally addictive utility that works invisibly in the background and contains many tools that are useful to every Mac user.

CopyPaste 4.4 is fully compatible with Mac OS 9.

Other changes in this version:

Improvements in Version 4.4

  • you can drag and drop any picture file onto the palette, not only PICT but also JPEG GIF and all QuickTime formats are supported. The picture will be put into the clipboard as a PICT. If you press the Option Key when dragging the file, an additional PICT file is created in the folder which contains the original file. This is a quick "on the fly" way to convert pictures to PICT.
  • the ClipRecorder window is independent from the normal Palette. This has the following advantages: - you can always see all your clips - you can drag and drop freely between the Recorder and the Palette - the interface is less confusing - the ClipRecorder can be adjusted in the preferences to store up to 200 clips.
  • The ClipViewer and the ClipRecorder windows now have scrollbars.
  • the ClipRecorder now can work as a lifo (last in first out) stack. If you type option-command-v the content of the recorder moves one slot with each "v". This makes it very easy to copy and restore a number of clips in sequence. NOTE the clips in the Recorder are actually rotated and not removed by "lifo" pasting.
  • The main preferences window now additionally allows to: - adjust the maximum number of Clips in the ClipRecorder - set the global default value for using the function keys on the extended keyboard. NOTE the settings for all programs listed in the exceptions section are adjusted to this value when you click the button. - set the global default value for installing the utilities menu at the end of the edit menu. NOTE the settings for all programs listed in the exceptions section are adjusted to this value when you click the button. - allows to reverse the effect of a pressed modifier key (Shift, Option, Command, Ctrl) on the selection of the CopyPaste submenus. You can adjust the preferences that a pressed modifier is required to show the submenus. By default a plain click in the Edit menu shows the submenus and a pressed modifier shows the Edit menu without the CopyPaste submenus.
  • the preferences for Application Exceptions now sort the list of applications alphabetically
  • the Utilities Setup preferences now shows the activated tools at the right and the deactivated tools at the left.
  • A new tool called "Application Info" is located in the Specials menu.
  • The Screenshot b/w is rewritten (was third party which broke under 8.6)
  • bugfix in Screenshot Color (the line pattern was permanently set to dashes)
  • bugfix in e-mail indenter (had freezes with words longer than 60 characters)
  • bug fixes

CopyPaste is available as shareware for US$20. You can find more information, including a full list of features, at the ScriptSoftware web site.

The Mac Observer Spin: CopyPaste is one of those utilities that you wonder how you ever lived without once you start using it.


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