September 8th, 1999

[8:15 AM]
Get Your GraphBuilder For MacOS X Server CDs...Free
VVI Data Control Specialists have made a new batch of free CDs that contain GraphBuilder for MacOS X Server available. According to VVI:

GraphBuilder(TM) is OpenGraph(TM)'s powerful graph, custom map, text and page layout and art building tool. GraphBuilder sports a highly intuitive mouse-driven interface for production and editing and uses the fastest optimized drawing methods available.

Because of high demand our initial allocation of Complimentary GraphBuilder CDs for Mac OS X Server was depleted shortly after it became available a few months ago. However, we've made a new allocation of CDs and are now shipping these CDs as requests are made (and have made a larger allocation based on our previous experience). If appropriate, I will appreciate you informing your readers that this complimentary offer is once again available.

The Complimentary CD Contains:

  • The GraphBuilder(TM) application and its online user manual.
  • The ManualsOnline(TM) application for viewing and searching the richly detailed GraphBuilder online manual.
  • The CPU Historian and Ping applications.
  • The OpenGraph(TM) demonstration applications.
  • About 50 GraphBuilder example documents and prebuilt palettes.
  • Built for Mac® OS X Server on PPC compatible computers, OpenStep(TM)/Mach Version 4.2 for Intel®, NeXT® and SPARC® compatible computers. For Windows® NT and Windows 95 consult Ordering Information.
  • CD is fully compatible with Mac OS X Server, Windows 95, Windows NT version 4.0, and OpenStep/Mach and automounts on all those operating systems for easy access.

You can find more information on GraphBuilder at the company's web site. VVI also has details on the Complimentary CD.

VVI Data Control Spcialists