September 9th, 1999

[1:15 PM]
Frank Reiff Brings Several Improvements To Type & Creato Utility
Frank Reiff Software has released an update to A Better Finder Creator & Types, their Mac utility for more easily manipulating Creator and Type information for files. Part of the A BEtter Finder Series, this update, version 1.8, brings several improvements to the program. According to Frank Reiff Software:

I am pleased to announce that version 1.8 of my Finder utility "A Better Finder Creators & Types" is now available.

"A Better Finder Creators & Types" is a contextual menu plugin for the Macintosh Finder, which allows users to quickly change the creator and type properties of single or multiple files. "ABF Creators & Types" is a simple tool that can save many hours of tedious work to Macintosh users who deal with large numbers of files or who frequently transfer files from PCs, Unix machines or the internet.

Version 1.8 introduces a number of UI improvements, including the use of accelerator keys to speed up selections. Furthermore, it is now also possible to automatically change the modification date and time of processed files.

Feature list:

  • change creator & type simultaneously
  • change only creator
  • change only type
  • user extendable list of common types and creators
  • manual input of creator & type codes
  • change creators & types to be the same as a selected file
  • fully integrated into the Macintosh Finder
  • automatic batch file processing
  • launching through contextual menu or drop application
  • creation of droplet applications to automate routine tasks
  • easy setup through MindVision installer


A PowerMacintosh with MacOS 8 or later.

You can find more information and download links on A BEtter Finder Types and Creators at the company's web site. The update is free to registered users. The Full version is priced at US$10, a site license is priced at US$25, while a worldwide license is priced at US$50.

A Better Finder Creator & Types