September 9th, 1999

[4:50 PM]
Mac User Gets Defective PowerBook, Posts Online Survey On Switching To Wintel
Brett James wrote us a couple of weeks ago to tell us about some problems he was having with his brand new PowerBook. Mr. James told us that the PowerBook was having severe problems, but the real problem was Apple's refusal (according to policy) to simply exchange it for a new one. According to his own account, Mr. James went through extreme efforts to resolve the problem, but the only courses of action available to him involved him not having his computer for a lengthy period of time at best. According to Mr. James:

I finally figured out what I am going to do about my problem. You can see my answer yourself.

I have some deep hope that no matter what the turnout, this will at least call attention to Apple that there is something more then just designing great products: They actually have to get great products to people.

Visit his site and decide for yourself.

The Mac Observer Spin: Not all of this problem is Apple's fault. Some of it lies with the retailer Mr. James purchased the computer from. However, many retailer return policies stem from Apple's own. Mr. James's main point is that he could exchange this computer if it were made by almost any other computer manufacturer. While we don't have specific numbers on this assertion, he certainly has a point. Apple has come so far and certainly has the best products on the market. On the other hand, we have received reports from other Apple customers during the last nine months from people upset with their customer support, and we have seen many others on the Internet. There have been few voices that have extolled the virtues of Apple as loudly as we have, but customer support should become a higher priority for Apple now that the company is on such firm ground.

And don't get us started on the G3 ROM upgrade block...

Brett James