September 9th, 1999

[10:45 AM]
Check Out The Viper iMac With Custom Racing Stripes
We received a letter from Carter Westlund, an iMac owner who has customized his iMac to resemble his favorite car, a Dodge Viper. According to M. Westlund:

I recently painted my beloved iMac. The old Bondi Blue baby was out of style with the introduction of blueberry. So I painted my iMac in a way that never goes out of style: Viper Racing Stripes. The paint is "True Blue Pearl" and it sparkles like a new car. I just felt the Mac community would like to take a peek at the Viper iMac.

Well, we think so too. M. Westlund has a web site with lots more pictures of his speedy iMac.

The Mac Observer Spin: The questions is, how many PC users like their PCs so much that they would go to the effort of putting a custom paint job on it, let alone building a web site dedicated to it? This is a rhetorical question, but feel free to say the answer out loud. :-)

Gotta love the Mac!

Viper iMac