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September 10th, 1999

[12:50 PM]
Adobe Updates GoLive With Maintenance Release
MacInTouch is reporting that Adobe has released an update for GoLive, their web development application. The new version, 4.01, is a maintenance release meant to increase stability and fix several bugs. From Adobe's web site:

The Adobe GoLive 4.0.1 Update fixes several problems that occur with Adobe GoLive 4.0. GoLive 4.0.1 delivers improved overall stability and usability, especially with Mac OS 8.6. The functionality and feature-set of the application has not changed.

This update will only update GoLive 4.0 to 4.01. It will not work with any previous version of GoLive CyberStudio.

The changes in GoLive 4.0.1 are:

  • The default setting in the Color picker palette is changed from "%" to RGB, which is the Photoshop- and Illustrator-compliant color representation.
  • Automatic insertion of "mailto:" before e-mail addresses in hyperlinks works properly.
  • JavaScript differences between the Mac OS and Windows versions are eliminated. For example, the code for the "Browser Switch" head item now matches on both platforms.
  • The "Wipe Transition" Action works properly in Internet Explorer 5.
  • Problems with background images in floating boxes (which can cause GoLive to crash after you switch to another application) are fixed.
  • When connected to FTP servers, Adobe GoLive no longer sends the "MDTM" (modification date & time) command. This avoids problems with servers that do not support the MDTM command. Note that this might reduce accuracy in synchronizing file dates between your local site and the site on the FTP server.
  • In the META Keywords Inspector, the Update and Delete button are auto-enabled to ease editing.
  • When moving your site to a different directory, and then opening and editing pages using components, items placed in those components keep their correct IDs.
  • Possible problems with multiple "Button Image" CyberObjects are fixed.
  • Crashes caused by the font problem with OS 8.6, especially when handling PDF files in Adobe GoLive, are fixed.
  • In GoLive 4.0, importing a folder to a site at the root level of a volume may cause GoLive to put the ".data" folder in the wrong place, which could lead to crashes. This has been fixed; an error message will now appear.
  • "Navigation Services" are turned off by default (see "General:Display" in "Preferences"), as they might slow down GoLive performance.
  • The preference to auto-generate "LowSource" images ("General:Image") is turned off by default and works properly.
  • When moving an "OnCall"-triggered Action within a head section, the action keeps its custom name so references can no longer get lost.
  • When using URL Popups in components, the link warnings work properly.
  • The "Daily Image URL" Action which is included in the "Actions Plus" package is fixed.

You can grab the update and more information from Adobe's web site. You can check out our First Look at GoLive 4.0 (from March, 1999) for our thoguhts on the software.


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