September 10th, 1999

[4:50 PM]
mp3voodoo Received New Features!
Fueling the current MP3 fervor, three-2-one interaktive announced an update to their MP3 player engine, mp3voodoo. According to three-2-one:

The most important changes in 1.1b3 are:

  • Several bug fixes
  • Playlist can now be hidden
  • Playlist can now be created in SoundJam MP
  • Removed all debug messages (sorry, folks!)

mp3voodoo is downloadable from their website. Keep in mind that this is beta software, and requires an additional level of caution when using it. However, the company welcomes comments from users, and is eager to add new features that will benefit everyone.

The Mac Observer Spin: It seems like there's new MP3 news every day. Phooey to those record companies out there who are trying to change the world. MP3 is here to stay for a while, and they might as well get used to it! Instead if fighting the inevitable, they should instead concentrate on finding s paradigm that allows them and their artists to profit. Otherwise they will find themselves obsolete. In the meanwhile, enjoy mp3voodoo. :-)

three-2-one interaktive Medien GmbH