September 10th, 1999

[1:15 PM]
Mac Window Management Utility Updated
Hyo Ahn has announced an update to his window management utility, OmegaWindow+. The new version, 1.1, includes both new features and a host of bug fixes. According to M. Ahn:

OmegaWindow+ (OW+) is a mouse-free window manager. It allows you to resize, move, zoom, collapse, close, toggle, restack, swap windows without ever touching your mouse. It relies on user-defined hot keys to provide a consistent way of manipulating a window from any applications and Finder.

New in version 1.1:

Bugs fixes:

  • Fix a problem of Window-Placement command with Mac OS 8.5 and 8.6.
  • Fix a redrawing and a cursor problem with Eudora (thanks to Franklin H. Holcomb and Roy Preston for testing)
  • Fix Window-Order commands with MS Word 98 (thanks to Jonathan Yang for testing).
  • Fix the Window-Placement problem with Internet Explorer 4.5 (Thanks to David Butler and Toinou for testing).
  • Fix the Window-Placement problem with MS Word and Excel (Thanks to Franklin H. Holcomb for testing).
  • Fix the problem of moving a collapsed window in Finder.
  • Fix the window-order problem with a collapsed window.

New features:

  • New html user's guide (thanks to Kevin Hahn for proofreading)
  • to many graphics, the size of the total compressed package now is about 1 MB.
  • WindowShade: OmegaWindow+ now can do window-collapsing (thanks to Mic Berends for testing).
  • Removed CloseWindow and CloseAll commands (thanks to John Penner for his comments).
  • CloseAllButFront: you can close all windows except the front-most one (thanks to Tom Bowling for asking this feature).

System requirements

System 7 to Mac OS 8.6
Macintosh Plus* to Power Macintosh G4.

You can find more information and download links for OmegaWindow+ at the OmegaWindow+ web site. The update is free for registered users. The full version is priced at US$25 (US$15 for students).