September 10th, 1999

[8:15 AM]
Text Cleaning Tool Updated With New Performance Enhancments
Taylor design has updated their popular text cleaning tool, TextSpresso. The new version, 1.3.2, brings new performance enhancements and bug fixes to the app. According to Taylor Design:

Taylor Design announced the commercial release of TextSpresso 1.3.2, an update to their professional text cleaning tool.

TextSpresso 1.3.2 includes improvements to the PC To Mac filter and the HTML Table To Text filter. In addition it includes two minor bug fixes, one involving the cursor display and the other involving the Page Layout dialog.

What are TextSpresso's features?

  • Supports 3-step Hot Filtering of the selected text within virtually any Mac application, in place and without having to leave the application. (1. Select text. 2. Hit Hot Key or move mouse to Hot Corner. 3. Select filter.) Users can assign Hot Keys to filters for two step filtering.
  • Batch processing of documents using a fast, multi-threaded processor.
  • Fast! Capable of applying complex filters to large (i.e. >200K) documents in a matter of seconds. Small files and the clipboard are filtered in the blink of an eye.
  • Supports multiple open documents at once, each document with its own WASTE based editor, filter cache, and undo cache. Document size is limited only by RAM.
  • Up to 100 levels of undo for each open document.
  • Includes 95 filters. Filters are included for HTML, Internet, platform conversion, publishing, and more.
  • MultiFilters provide single click application of more than one filter. Built in MultiFilters are included for: one click Internet text cleaning; preparing text for publishing; preparing text for Internet transport; processing text to HTML; converting between Mac and PC text; and more.
  • Users may create new filters using any one of 7 core filter types, including pattern matching and MultiFilter. Users can trade filters they create with other TextSpresso users.
  • Multi-threaded, even on versions of Mac OS without the Thread Manager.
  • Over 30 user preferences.
  • Intuitive, slick user interface with Filter, History, and Balloon palettes.
  • A real, compiled Macintosh application with 68K and PowerPC native versions.
  • And much more!

Taylor Design has extended its Labor Day Sale through Tuesday, September 14, 1999. During this time TextSpresso can be purchased for only $19 (single user license), 1/3rd off its normal price.

You can find more information and download links for TextSpresso at the company's web site. While Taylor Design is having the above mentioned sale, the normal price for TextSpresso is US$29. A Site License is available for US$500 and a Worldwide License can be had for US$1200. The update is free to registered users.

Taylor Design