September 13th, 1999

[7:00 AM] The Mac Observer Rolls Out New Design!

Capping 4 months of what can only be described as "fun, fun, fun," the publishers of The Mac Observer are proud to roll out a brand new design for the site. The new look is designed to be easier to read, more organized, more aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, faster to download. Citing hopes that the new design will help accelerate the continued growth of the web site which caters to Mac users, Editor-in-Chief Bryan Chaffin says:

"This process began more than 4 months ago as we started looking for the 'perfect look.' Using a beta testing team of more than 150 people, we think we have found a look that reflects our progressive approach to report Mac news."

This seems to be born out by those who have viewed the site:

"I love the design. Dead serious when I say that. It looks professional and dope at the same time."

-Tim Smith

"I like the new look, the less cluttered the better..."

-Zach Koranda

"The organization of the stories with a headlines, other and the sidebar is well done. I can visually scan the headers pretty easily."


Business Manager, Dave Hamilton, says that the new design also allows The Mac Observer to continue to add new services and features to the site without cramping the content:

"We have been astounded at the way our readers and advertisers have received our new image. We expect our new look to help accelerate our continued growth and bring more advertising resources to the site."

The Mac Observer Spin: That's the official line, but let us tell you that designing a new look is HARD! We want to offer our appreciation to everyone who has helped with comments, suggestions, and complaints. :-) We especially want to thank those Observers who took time out of their schedules to offer us some of the most important criticisms we received. You know who you are.

The Mac Observer