September 15th, 1999

[4:30 PM] No New Products Announced At Apple Expo Keynote

In a very interesting twist, no new products were announced at The Apple Expo in Paris this morning. Many analysts, including The Mac Observer, had felt that a new iMac would be released at The Expo. Instead, Steve Jobs simply went through another iteration of his Keynote address from MACWORLD Expo and the Seybold Conference. MacWeek has offered the best on-site coverage of the Keynote, and their report is highly recommended.

The Mac Observer Spin: This really is surprising. We had planned to go on record as saying that a new iMac would definitely be announced at Paris, and only timing and circumstances saved our prognosticating derrières. We had thought so due to the amount of money and resources that Apple was putting into the event, as well as Mr. Jobs's attendance. However, the most important indicator was that we are well overdue for an overhaul to the iMac. It has been 9 months since the last upgrade to America's favorite computer, and before that, new iterations were being released every 3 or 4 months. Since the 333 MHz models were introduced, a number of advances have become standard in the Wintel world, and the iMac is becoming a bit long in the tooth. Of course, Apple has already proved that it can sell iMacs that lag behind the Wintel world in perceived advantages such as CPU MHz ratings, so our thoughts may be out of place.