September 21st, 1999

[11:15 AM] The Apple Trader says buy!!!
by Wes George

As Joe Kernan on CNBC said this morning about the lack of Motorola G4 chips, "The cup is half full or half empty depending on the way you look at it." It's a tribute to the incredible demand for the highend G4 that so many have been ordered, 150,000, in so few weeks. Jobs has noted that if this demand situation had come about only a few weeks later Apple would have made the earnings estimates. The huge demand for the G4 has taken everyone by surprise and this is a good thing. It should be noted that iBooks and iMacs are in no way effected by the G4 shortage.

It's not out of character for Motorola, famous throughout it's history for missing deadlines and demand levels, to be a bit behind the curve here. Investors hate surprises and Apple was ripe for a weeding out of the speculators who fearfully and greedily took their profits and ran last night. This is the pull back those of us left behind have been waiting for. Nothing has fundamentally changed at Apple Computer Co. The price advance will continue.

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The Mac Observer Spin: Expect Apple to exercise its stock buy back plan over the next few days to give support to AAPL at the $72 level. If the market cooperates, AAPL should be back pushing new highs with in a few weeks.