September 21st, 1999

[2:00 PM] Mac IRC Client Gets A Maintenance Release

Kent Sorensen has released an update to Snak. Snak 3.0.2 is an IRC client allowing users to participate in Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a service that allows users from all over the world connect and interact (chat) about a wide variety of topics. Unlike Usenet newsgroups, IRC is real-time. In other words, it is more "discussion" like and less "e-mail" like. The new version is a maintenance release, and includes a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements. According to M. Sorensen:

Snak is a full featured IRC client with some unique and very useful features. It's fast, efficient and easy to use, and it is being updated and enhanced regularly.

New in version 3.02:

  • Input fields follow interface font and size.
  • Support for TalkCity overflow channels.
  • Better messages when text can't be sent to a channel.
  • Add server to channel lists selects and shows.
  • Support color in channel lists.
  • Faster quit and window closing.
  • Optional loud private message sound.
  • Window locations are remembered while the program is running, not just when it quits.
  • Fixed problem switching to next server in connection record when the first one timed out.
  • Fixed lock up when using the online help on pre 8.5 machines.
  • Fixed name sorting.
  • Fixed DCC progress time estimate for DCC resume.
  • Fixed describe.
  • Fixed problem that could leave channels "half open" if the connection to the server failed.
  • Fixed problem with wrong default font selected in channel preferences.

Snak is available as shareware for a 30 day trial period, after which a $20 registration fee is required. For more information, visit the Snak web site.