September 22nd, 1999

[1:10 PM] Independent Film Site Made Possible With QuickTime 4
by Kyle D'Addario has just opened their virtual doors for business. consists of two subsites, and serves as a portal site for information on entertainment, technology, or other specialized areas of interest. Perhaps the more interesting of the two is the site. This site is serves as a type of distribution clearinghouse for independent films. DSP Films claims that is the first full blown attempt at supplanting television as the sole means of visual broadcast entertainment. How do they intend to do this? With the use of Apple Computer's own QuickTime 4. According to DSPFilms:

DSP Films intends nothing less than directing the future of independent film production and distribution on the Internet through the use of QuickTime video streaming technology. QuickTime produces the best combination of quality and performance of video over the Internet. functions as a web-based film distribution channel. On it you can preview the latest in groundbreaking independent and experimental film as we strive to provide an intelligent forum for yet-known filmmakers. It is in the vanguard of sites that are aiming (remove - also the first full-scale attempt) to supplant traditional broadcast entertainment media such as television. (remove - and move it to the Internet.) is an entertainment portal to some of the most intriguing sites on the Internet. Be it technology, entertainment, or knowledge that you seek, will provide an unbiased, comprehensive guide to what is cool, hip and in-demand. And, as computers become integral components of the home entertainment system, will offer the latest in what's hot and where to get it in film, music, multimedia, arts and entertainment.

You can find more information about the DSP Films project at their web site.

The Mac Observer Spin: The release of QuickTime 4 and its improved streaming technology was sure to lend itself to creative uses. Publicly available, free software, with enough power to even attempt an endeavor such as this was unimaginable just a few short years ago. In a bit of irony, with some thanks to QuickTime 4, independent and experimental filmmakers may actually pave the way for more mainstream uses of QuickTime's streaming capabilities.

DSP Films