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September 29th, 1999

[8:30 AM] XLR8 Rolls Out 500 MHz G3 Upgrade, Rolls Back Product Line Prices

XLR8 has announced the release of two new PowerPC G3 upgrade cards, the MACh Speed G3z 500 and the MACh Carrier G3 500. Both cards feature a PowerPC 750 (G3) chip running at 500Mhz, faster than Apple's current G3 offerings. The company has also cut prices across the board with price cuts reaching as high as 20%. According to XLR8:

500 MHz MACh Speed G3z

The new ultra fast ZIF G3 upgrade boasts G3 performance up to 20% faster than Apple's new 400 MHz supercomputing G4 systems. It installs in minutes via the Mac's ZIF (zero insertion force) socket. This upgrade is fully compatible with all Power Macintosh G3 configurations and Apple's 400 MHz Power Macintosh G4 system. It includes XLR8’s exclusive Auto Caching Technology and PowerPack software.

500 MHz MACh Carrier G3

XLR8 Bundles the new ultra fast ZIF with its own patent pending CarrierZIF technology, producing the 500 MHz MACh Carrier G3 for pre-G3 systems. XLR8's exclusive Carrier design allows this upgrade to deliver the world's fastest CPU performance and is fully G4 upgradeable.

Price Cuts

XLR8 also introduced new lower pricing across its entire G3 upgrade line. The new pricing reflects reductions of up to 20% on leading XLR8 offerings.

XLR8 G3 Upgrades Cache Speed Old SRP New SRP Reduction
300 MHz MACh Speed G3 200 $449 $359 -20%
333 MHz MACh Speed G3 167 $459 $399 -13%
366 MHz MACh Speed G3 183 $579 $489 -16%
400 MHz MACh Speed G3 200 $599 $599
300 MHz MACh Carrier G3 200 $499 $399 -20%
333 MHz MACh Carrier G3 167 $529 $429 -19%
366 MHz MACh Carrier G3 183 $649 $529 -18%
400 MHz MACh Carrier G3 200 $669 $629 -06%
450 MHz MACh Carrier G3 225 $799 $749 -06%
500 MHz MACh Carrier G3 250 $999
300 MHz MACh Speed G3z 200 $359 $299 -17%
333 MHz MACh Speed G3z 167 $379 $349 -08%
366 MHz MACh Speed G3z 183 $499 $449 -10%
400 MHz MACh Speed G3z 200 $549 $559 -02%
450 MHz MACh Speed G3z 225 $679 $599 -12%
466 MHz MACh Speed G3z 233 $699 $599 -14%
500 MHz MACh Speed G3z 250 $899

Both products are available immediately. The MACh Speed G3z 500Mhz sells for US$899, while the upgradeable upgrade card, the MACh Carrier G3 500Mhz, is listed for US$999. For more information, please visit the XLR8 web site.


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