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September 30th, 1999

[3:30 PM] Mac Webmaster Boycotts Mac Coverage In Protest Of Kihei Actions

Low End Mac webmaster, Dan Knight, has announced he is boycotting updates to his own site for a few days in protest of Apple's treatment of Mac web sites. Mr. Knight has done so in response to Apple's treatment of Mac web sites in general and Apple's handling of iMac rumors in particular. According to an editorial posted by Mr. Knight:

Apple usually ignores the rumor sites, officially. And sometimes they play games, seeding rumors to see who picks them up -- and discover the source of the leaks. It's a dead serious game that can cost people their jobs or land them in court.


I'm not happy with Apple Computer.

All this seems symptomatic of Apple's attitude toward independent pro-Mac sites. They would rather engage us in court than engage us in conversation.

Very few individuals not employed by Apple Computer do more good for Apple computer than the dozens of independent Mac webmasters. We advocate. We defend. We go on the offensive when someone dumps on the Mac. We could be one of the most potent tools in Apple's arsenal. Instead, we're ignored or threatened.

I'm tired of it.

I'm going to take a few days off from advocating for Apple, from updating the home page, from keeping Low End Mac current. I'm going to leave the home pages alone for a few days while I rethink my participation in the seemingly dysfunctional relationship between Apple Computer and Mac Webmasters.

Their attitude that they need to control things and put the right spin on things is tiresome. They never ask without at the same time threatening -- this is not the sign of a healthy relationship.

We encourage Observers to read the full piece, whether or not you agree with Mr. Knight, as it is a well written article that takes a great look at the relationship between Apple and the Mac web sites.

The Mac Observer Spin: Mr. Knight is a long time Mac fanatic and evangelist and we think he makes some great points. There has been an unoffical war between the Mac press and Apple for too long now and it is time for it to end, and that goes for both sides. We hope that the current situation will lead to more direct interaction between Apple and the Mac press and appluad Mr. Knight for standing up for what he thinks is right. Low End Mac is a great resource for Apple customers (i.e. Mac users), and it will be sorely missed while Mr, Knight is away.

Like our Editor-in-Chief Bryan Chaffin said in his column from last week, Apple needs to finally accept that the Internet and accompanying Mac press is here to stay. Apple can get more cooperation from that press with a policy of engangement. After all, we are all rooting for and evangelizing the same cause, the sale and use of insanely great Apple products.

Low End Mac - Dan Knight's Editorial

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