September 30th, 1999

[8:30 AM] G-Force RAID System Introduced By Fantom Drives

Fantom Drives has announced the release of the Fantom Drives G-Force RAID. For those looking for advanced RAID support for the new Power Mac G4, Fantom has provided an attractive option. According to Fantom Drives:

Answering the demanding storage needs of modern multimedia professionals, Fantom Drives today expanded its line of RAID Storage Products with the announcement of the Fantom Drives G-Force RAID. The perfect companion to Apple's new Power Macintosh G4, the G-Force RAID compliments the esthetics, speed, and ease of use of Apple's latest "Super-Computer".

Powered by a RISC-based Central Processing Unit (CPU), the G-Force RAID excels at the traditionally difficult task of handling Level 0, 1, 0+1, 3, or 5 RAID configurations. When set up for Level 3 or 5, Powered Hot-Spare support, Automatic Data Regeneration, and Independent Fault Isolation features ensure that access to data is uninterrupted in the event of a drive failure and allow disk drive modules to be "Hot-Swapped" without rebooting. The two 250W power supply modules of the G-Force RAID can also be replaced on the fly, further enhancing its ability to operate securely in enterprise and production environments.

The new Fantom Drives RAID also compliments the ease-of-use and appearance of the Power Macintosh G4. The front-panel user interface provides a simple and straightforward configuration process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. To further simplify installation, the G-Force RAID is compatible with Ultra-Wide and Ultra2-Wide (LVD) SCSI host-bus adapter cards from leading vendors, such as ATTO Technologies. Systems Administrators can also monitor and maintain the RAID from a text-based terminal window with an optional connectivity kit. To complete the package, the polished silver appearance of the enclosure was chosen to create an attractive symmetry between the G-Force RAID and the Apple Power Macintosh G4 chassis.

The G-Force RAID drives are available from Fantom Drives starting at US$5,499.

Fantom Drives