Apple is one of Amazon Web Services’s (AWS) biggest clients it has emerged. It spends over $30 million each month on the cloud service (via CNBC).

Reliant on Rivals

Apple’s AWS spend dwarfs that of other tech firms such as Lyft and Pinterest. The company is though putting evermore resources into its cloud infrastructure. Indeed, in December last year, it announced a $10 billion investment into U.S. data centers over the next five years.

However, for the moment it still heavily dependant on its rivals for cloud services, particularly AWS. The companies are understood to have a multi-year agreement. Microsoft and Google have also been known to provide cloud services for Apple. This was all demonstrated in a February job posting for a Senior DevOps engineer at the company. It said applicants should have “expertise with cloud architectures such as AWS, GCE, Azure, or similar.”

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