A recent study examined privacy policies of the top health and fitness apps to determine which ones track the most data.

Health & Fitness Tracking

Supplement Timing found 27 data types and gave the apps 2 points for each type they track by default and 1 point for types that require user permission. Here are the key findings:

  • The app that tracks the most data is a medical app called Maven, which collects 23 types of data and has a score of 31 points.
  • Fitbit is the fourth hungriest data-tracker in our study, with 27 points.
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss apps track 15 of the 27 data types, and this is the top category because they are most likely to track that data by default.
  • The least data-intrusive app is a mental health tool, WorryWatch, which only uses the device data it gets from the App Store.

As one example, Maven is a women’s health and fertility app and collects 23/27 data types, and tracks eight of them by default. Another app called PlateJoy is the most invasive app in the Nutrition & Weight Loss category. A third app called FitBit is the most invasive step counter app.

The full results can be found on Supplement Timing’s website.

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