Soon You Can Buy a Headphone Jack to Lightning Adapter

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Apple updated the MFi accessories program recently. Besides designing new logos, the company has approved accessory makers to create headphone jack to Lightning adapter dongles.


These are different than the adapter that Apple bundles with its recent iPhone models. Instead, the headphone jack end of the dongle will be what’s called a male port. This means that you can plug one end into your iPhone, and the other end into a female headphone jack port.

Headphone jack to lightning adapter.

Representation, not an actual adapter

But there is a limit. Apple isn’t allowing any third-party USB-C ports for pass-through charging or syncing on iPhones. Customers are stuck buying one of Apple’s official USB-C to Lightning cables.

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    • Andrew Orr

      This dongle essentially gives your iPhone a headphone jack connector. For example, if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can use the dongle to plug your iPhone into a headphone jack receiving port, and play music that way.

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