Apple, AT&T Business, and Delta Air Lines are partnering to provide Delta flight attendants with an iPhone 12.

5G iPhones

The move to provide an iPhone 12 to over 10,000 Delta flight attendants aims to help these employees use AT&T’s 5G network. AT&T gives a couple of examples that the iPhone 12 can provide that include augmented reality:

  • More accurately assessing in-cabin inventory quickly using AR with the camera on iPhone 12.
  • Immersive training using AR to help flight attendants perform critical tasks—from safety checks to passenger assistance— from nearly anywhere.

Rasesh Patel, Chief Product & Platform Officer, AT&T Business:

Our visionary collaboration with Delta Air Lines is proof that connectivity is more than just a means to an end. We are thrilled to work with Delta to empower their employees and create new 5G-enabled experiences on iPhone 12 to fuel and invigorate the commercial airline industry for years to come.

In addition, Delta utilized the trade-in value of iPhones to enable a cost-effective lease from AT&T Capital Services and Apple Financial Services.

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