Apple’s App Store is about to get more expensive for U.K. shoppers. App prices are going up by 25% because the pound has been dropping in the wake of the Brexit vote.

UK App Store prices going up 25% in response to Brexit and fluctuating pound

UK App Store prices increasing 25%

Apple told developers about the coming price increase via email on Tuesday citing changes in foreign exchange rates. The changes will impact both the App Store and Mac App Store.

The U.K.’s decision to leave the European Union triggered a drop in the pound’s value, and led to the end of David Cameron’s run as Prime Minister. His successor, Theresa May, has been controversial and hasn’t been able to stabilize the country’s currency yet.

For Apple, that means raising the price for the products it sells in the U.K. Apps that were priced at £0.79 will now cost £0.99, apps priced at £1.49 will go up to £1.99, and all of the other price tiers are going up, too, brining them in line with U.S. prices.

Apple plans to roll out the price increases over the next several days, and it’ll cover in-app purchases, too.

Hardware prices have already bumped up in the UK, so it isn’t surprising to see the same happen in the App Store and Mac App Store. Apple hasn’t increased U.K. iTunes Store prices yet, but it’s a safe bet that’s coming soon, too.

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