On Netflix’s Refusal to Make a Mac App, and the Available Alternatives

There is no better way to watch Netflix than using apps dedicated solely for it, no matter the operating system you’re on. For Mac owners, you can only access Netflix via a browser, or make do with some third-party apps. There were hopes that Netflix would convert its iPad app to Mac, but that doesn’t look to be happening any time soon. Both Apple’s Catalyst tech and MacOS Catalina are already available to developers, but nothing concrete can be said to be happening.

Only recently, reports suggested that iOS developers experienced issues in their attempts to port iPad apps to Mac and that they had no outright solution to the problem. Regardless, the tech company did not have any problems with many other apps, and, therefore, Netflix users expect a quicker fix to the matter. If you are a betting fan though, betting using the https://www.betway.co.za/Betway-App offers you a convenient way of accessing events across the world with ease, regardless of the iOS you’re using.

The initial goal of Apple was to secure a developers’ code that would readily launch on iPadOS, iOS, and MacOS, but it is not as easy as it might sound. That explains why Apple have not been bombarding users with updates of apps being available on sister operating systems. Currently, things are moving a little slower, given that developers are burning the midnight oil trying to iron out a few technical issues.

A Netflix app enabled by Catalyst would have saved the day for people who are frequently on the move, and find themselves in areas with unreliable internet. Features such as the ability to download TV shows and movies to watch offline would have been present, and lack of such is already creating a public outcry of some sort. Also, the other top feature that is surely missing out is the picture-in-picture integration that goes with the Apple platform.

The Repercussions

The reluctance by Netflix not to embrace the Catalyst technology as at now could be consequential, but it does not necessarily mean that the company is giving desktop users a cold shoulder in favor of smartphones and tablets. It already has a perfectly working platform for Windows 10 users, where the app works with laptops, desktops, and tablets as well as convertibles. A large share of the newly developed apps were designed with touchscreen technology in the frame, and that could mean we will continue experiencing challenges for mouse and keyboard users.

Netflix could be missing out on a large disadvantaged fan base who have been hoping that something would be done. When it was expected that the company would do everything in its power to address the issue, there was silence, and nothing has come of it. Word has it that developers are working to see if the dream of using one-app-for-all would come into fruition, but before then, a lot of people are missing out.

So many compatible apps for many other purposes have been developed, for example, betting fans have never had any problems with accessing their favorite betting apps such as Betway on the iOS and Android platforms, and hope abounds that Netflix will come up with something. However, with all the teeth-grinding directed towards Netflix, the problem could be on the part of Apple.