Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac – Review & Opinion


If you are a Mac user, you are most likely looking for different ways to do things better. Therefore, anytime new features are added to your software and operating systems like Microsoft, you are probably anxiously waiting to see what is available.

Having said this, as of September 2018, Microsoft is releasing new features for Microsoft Office for Mac too. The changes referenced will include Windows, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. Here is an overview of what you can expect.

Roll-out to Customers — Mac Users

Just like any other release that comes from Microsoft, you can expect to see these new versions coming out as scheduled. As these changes roll out, however, it is important to note that the commercial volume licenses are being made available first, and then, a few weeks after, businesses and the general consumer can expect their access to the new features too. So, if you want to be one of the first to check out or buy office 2019 for yourself, you should keep these dates in mind.

New Features Across All Office Apps

The focus for this new 2019 Microsoft version is on several different enhancements that people can use to make their lives much easier and efficient with the office products that they use. In particular, you may be interested in roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations.

Roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations

The changes Microsoft has made to the applications within have been made much easier and user-friendly. So, when you are using your roaming pencil case and ribbon customization features, you have the flexibility that is needed to perform a variety of different functionalities. For instance, you can use the roaming pencil to start creating multiple shapes and designs. Like the stylus on a touchscreen, you can create the shapes that you have in your head with a lot more ease. Because of the roaming pencil feature, the capabilities that you need to complete the task or project that you are working on can be done seamlessly when you are moving from Word to Excel. For instance, if you are making any changes in Excel, you will have the same pencil case following you around from one app to the next so that you can also reduce the time that it takes to create your innovative and unique displays.

If you want to find out more about how to you roaming pencil case and ribbon customizations effectively, you can find tutorials on this topic that will walk you through the entire process. You can find this information on the site. The information that you need to reduce the learning curve is also available in written form so that you can have access to this information in more than one format.

Incorporate New Features Into Your Workflow with Professional Presentation Enhancements

The new features can be used for a number of different reasons and purposes. So, when you want to make changes to your current processes, you can begin to incorporate these new features into your workflow. For instance, if you do a lot of reports and analysis to support your business operations, you need to review the updates that have been made to Excel 2019. These new enhancements will give the mac user the capability of creating new charts that can be used for professional presentations. Also, there is a new enhancement that involves the use of new formulas, and they are available in PowerPivot.

SVG and 3D Model Support

If you like to create SVGs and 3D models, you can appreciate the new features and support that Microsoft is providing to MAC users. Since these types of software projects can be challenging to complete, individuals and business owners will often value anything that they can get to do an exceptional job with their creations. Therefore, with this in mind, the new release that comes along with the Mac version of 2019 Windows enhancements includes model support for the users who need it.

Focus Mode is Added as an Enhancement

Another enhancement that Windows has added for Mac User is the focus mode. The focus mode is a very useful feature for those of you who want to see your documents up close without any interference from other types of data, menus, toolbars and etc. The user can use this feature to view the documents that they want to see and they can also make modifications in focus too. Therefore, if you want to get rid of any distractions that can prevent you from closely scrutinizing data, word documents or excel spreadsheets, this can be a very valuable tool to take advantage of when you need it.

4K Video Export Capabilities and Powerpoint —- for Mac Users

If you are a MAC user that likes to make videos, you will most likely like to share them with others. For personal or business reasons, the need to have the capabilities to export them to others is not really a luxury but a necessity for those that can use these features productively. That said, you may be one of the ones that need the capability to export 4K videos from Windows. Therefore, this is one of the essential features that you can expect in the 2019 version.


Microsoft 2019 for Mac has a lot of great changes that can be used to enhance the MAC users overall experience across applications in Windows. These enhancements are being made strategically in order to provide more functionality and capabilities for the users when they are performing various kinds of tasks in Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and in Windows. Some of the most notable changes and additional include giving users the capability to export 4K videos in powerpoint, use the focus mode to eliminate distractions from other documents and tools, using roaming pencil case features across apps and much more. So, for those of you who have an interest in making your life easier and efficient, you can look to see these changes as early as September 2018.