iBooks Has Loads of Books on Sale for Less than $4

Apple’s iBooks has loads of books on sale, and they’re all $0.99, $1.99, $2.99, or $3.99. There are hundreds of them in Fiction & Literature, Mysteries & Thrillers, Biographies & Memoirs, Nonfiction, Romance, Young Adult, Kids, Cookbooks, Food & Wine, and SciFi & Fantasy. It’s a mix of big and little names, including Tolkien, Daniel Silva, Stephen Ambrose, Bill Bryson, Neal Stephenson, Octavia Butler, and many, many more. If you scroll all the way to the right on any given category, there’s a “See all” link that will take you to every book in just that category. I personally just picked up Atlas of Lost Cities.

TMO Background Mode: Interview with DynAgility CTO Chuck Shotton

Chuck Shotton may be the CTO of DynAgility today, but he’s legendary in the Apple community for having created the original web server for the Mac back in 1992. That was when technical pros were working with the private Internet, years before it went public. The equally legendary Peter Lewis delivered an FTP server, so Chuck took a week and put together a free web server, MacHTTP 0.1 for System 7. Quickly, he had a maling list near 100,000. In 1993, more refined, MacHTTP became shareware, and Chuck’s mailbox was overflowing with money, more than his day job. Join me and listen as Chuck tells the awesome story of his career, MacHTTP, and his decision to release a brand new version for macOS Sierra! A student’s dream come true.

Need Wired Networking on Your Touch Bar MacBook Pro? Anker's USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is Available Now

The new Touch Bar MacBook Pro doesn’t include an Ethernet port—just like Apple’s other laptops—and despite the company’s long list of adapters, it doesn’t make a USB-C to Ethernet dongle. Apple offers Belkin’s USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet adapter but it’s back ordered 7 to 10 weeks, which isn’t much help if you need one now. Anker, however, is selling one on Amazon that’s shipping now, and it’s less expensive than Belkin’s at US$22.99 instead of $26. Anker has a solid reputation, which is why I already ordered mine. Bonus: Amazon Prime members get two-day free shipping.

StallDesk on Kickstarter, Standing Desk Below $200

Check out StällDesk on Kickstarter. This project is for a standing desk made from high-quality—and very attractive—plywood called ApplePly. The retail price for this desk will be $199, but there are currently early bird funding options left at $129 that will get you one. The thing that first grabbed me about this desk is that it’s gorgeous. The shape is sleek and elegant, and the finish is beautiful. It’s adjustable, and you assemble/disassemble it without using screws. It’s also very strong, courtesy of ApplePly. Check out the project’s page for images of people standing on it. Also check out the closeup images of the StällDesk itself to see the fit and finish. The company is raising $20,000 for custom runs of ApplePly and new tooling, and the desks are being made in Colorado.

Deep Dive: How to Choose a Router in 2016? – Mac Geek Gab 633

This week we answer all your questions and queries about which router you should buy and how to go about deciding this for yourself. Standalone vs. mesh, eero vs. Orbi, 2×2 vs 4×4, we cover it all. After listening to this episode you’ll have both the information and even some deals to be able to make your choice and know you’ve got the right Wi-Fi for your home.

Mesh Deals for Black Friday through Cyber Monday: Sonos and eero

Seems that I’m a sucker for a well-made mesh network, likely because “well-made mesh” means “it’s simple and it works without you having to mess with it.” Or, said another way, “mesh not mess.”  Ok, enough of that, on to the deals, shall we? These are from two companies that traditionally do not offer discounts, and they’re only good through Monday, so snap them up while you can.

15% Off TMO's Deals with Black Friday Coupon Code

Our friends at Stack Commerce have rolled out the Black Friday savings for you on our TMO Deals site. You can get 15% off site-wide (with some exclusions) using coupon code BLACKFRIDAY15 at checkout. Our deal prices are usually good, often great, and sometimes amazing, but 15% off is even better. Plus, when you buy through our Deals site, you’re helping to support us. Definitely check out this one day offer.

Donald Trump's Latest Pipe Dream: Bring Apple's Manufacturing to the US

Donald Trump thinks it’s time for Apple to start manufacturing its products in the United States, and told CEO Tim Cook as much. Mr. Trump said Mr. Cook called him, and that he wants to give companies like Apple big tax breaks and remove industry regulations to get new factories in the country. That’s a pretty big dream considering the U.S. hasn’t ever had the production capacity to meet Apple’s needs.

John Gruber on Jony Ive's Role at Apple

There’s been discussion for a while now that Jony Ive was on his way out at Apple, or that he was trying to leave. My favorite was when being promoted to the C-Suite in Cupertino was somehow proof that he was leaving. That doesn’t make sense. Seems Apple’s new coffee table book, Designed by Apple in California, is also being seen as some kind of swan song for Sir Jony. John Gruber’s The Talk Show podcast added fuel to such speculation, but Mr. Gruber posted a written piece arguing the opposite was his intent, saying: “Fundamentally I think Jony Ive loves Apple, feels a responsibility to the legacy of his collaboration with Steve Jobs, and that whatever aspirations he has for the remainder of his career, personally, they’re only possible at Apple.” I agree with that. Sir Jony has a bit more freedom these days to do side projects like Claridge’s Christmas Tree, but he’s not leaving Apple for a long while to come. Mr. Gruber’s piece is solid analysis, and I recommend it.