TMO's Jeff Gamet Dives into iOS 10 Stickers with Space is the Place

TMO’s Jeff Gamet has been experimenting with iOS 10 Sticker Packs, and now that Apple has finally released its latest iPhone and iPad operating system, you can get in on his handiwork. Jeff has two Sticker Packs available today: Space is the Place – Color and Space is the Place – BW loaded up with his artwork and ready to go in Messages. The packs are priced at US$0.99 because launch day deals are always fun. The price for each pack will go up, so grab them right away.

PDF Expert 2 for Mac: $29

Readdle’s PDF Expert 2 is a great PDF reader and editor that goes far beyond OS X’s Preview app at a price that doesn’t put the squeeze on your pocketbook. The app lets you edit text, images and links in PDF files, annotate documents, merge files into a single PDF, complet PDF forms, add document passwords, and more. PDF Expert is regularly US$59.99, but with TMO’s deal you can pick up a copy for half off at $29.99.

Mogees Keys with Mogees Pro and Play Makes Everything an Instrument

Mogees released Mogees Keys for iPhone and iPad Monday. This is a companion app for Mogees Pro (US$129.99 on Amazon) and Mogees Play (coming soon), both of which are centered around the Mogees Vibration Sensor. That’s a microphone, to you and me, and it’s designed to turn any surface, anything, into a musical instrument. Mogees Pro or Play pick up the vibrations and send them to the app, where those vibrations are turned into something akin to MIDI input. Mogees Keys uses a keyboard metaphor for this process. The video below shows it in action. As a drummer, I enjoy things like #vfhitthings on Instagram (and elsewhere). Mogees Pro and Mogees Keys is sort of an extension of that innate desire many musicians have to turn everything into an instrument. Mogees Keys is a free app, but it requires the above-mentioned hardware.

TMO Background Mode: Interview with Kanopi Studios WordPress Developer Julie Kuehl

Julie Kuehl is an expert WordPress developer for Kanopi Studios. But there’s much more. She built her first website in 1994. She’s studied economics, statistics and web design. She’s written for publications like MyMac, Tech Lounge and The Mac Observer. She’s a popular speaker at conferences. She hosts the SciFi Tech Talk podcast. She’s into cars (Mustang), motorcycles (Harley-Davidson) and holds several black belts in Karate, primarily Soto Kan. She’s taught Martial Arts to police officers in Japan and learned Japanese in the process. Join me and Julie as we geek out and trade stories on our Martial Arts experiences, our first exposure to Unix and web servers in the 1990s, our car loves (more stories: Corvettes, Route 66), SciFi, and her own SciFi podcast. I was wowed. You will be too.

New TiVo BOLT+ Now Includes 6 Tuners and 3TB Storage

On Monday TiVo announced their BOLT+ DVR, enhancing the company’s flagship line with a sleek, black unit that includes six tuners and 3TB of recording capacity. Six tuners may seem like a lot until you think about how the current TiVo paradigm works: you have the BOLT+ (or BOLT, or 4+ tuner Roamio) on one TV connected to cable, then you have TiVo Minis at all your other TVs. You only pay a subscription fee for your main device, and each of the Minis can stream live or recorded shows from the host. The trick is, each active Mini occupies one tuner of the host device when in use. Six tuners begins to make a lot of sense if you have even 2 or 3 TVs in action at any one point in time. TiVo is really the only company who is properly addressing the whole-house media viewing solution this way, and it truly makes life a lot simpler. TIVo’s new BOLT+ is priced at $499.99 and will be available online and at brick-and-mortar retail on Thursday, September 15th.

iOS 10 GM Adds "Announce Calls" Feature

Rolled out to to developers last week, the iOS 10 Golden Master release (Version 10.0.1 14A403) includes a new Announce Calls feature in Settings > Phone. When enabled, your phone will begin ringing as usual and then your ringtone’s volume will duck down while Siri announces the name or number of the caller. You have the option to set this to Always, Headphones & Car, Headphones Only or Never. If set to Always, it will announce through your iPhone’s speaker only when the Ring/Silent switch is in Ring mode. iOS 10 will be available for all users tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13th.