Buy Knock-Off Solo Loop Watch Bands for 80% Off Apple's Pricing

Every time Apple comes out with a new style of watch band, FOMO tells me to order one. Unfortunately, my wallet often disagrees (and wins that argument), as was the case with Apple’s US$49 Solo Loop and $99 Braided Solo Loop bands introduced this fall. Never fear, though, Amazon to the rescue! There are plenty of companies who sell knockoffs of Apple’s Watch band designs, many of which have proven to be of spectacular quality over the years. The $12 Solo Loop and $20 Braided Solo Loop clones my family found in our Christmas stockings last week were no exception. First, download (and print) Apple’s Solo Loop Watch Band Size Guide, then check ’em out and place your orders. Final step: enjoy!

CASETiFY Offers Bands for Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

Just in time for the new Apple Watches released on Tuesday, accessory maker CASETiFY has bands available for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6. The Printed Saffiano Leather bands give you fully customizable, sweat & scratch-resistant bands, crafted in cruelty-free vegan leather with a textured treatment. Next is the 2-in-1 Italian Leather band, which are genuine leather bands in 3 essential colorways, featuring the world’s first universal adaptor, in single + double straps. Finally, the Metal Link Bracelet is made with premium water-resistant stainless steel, choose from four luxe colorways with our adjustable links.

Apple Watch: Remove The Band Before Getting a Repair

Customers need to remove the band on their Apple Watch before going to get the device repaired. If they leave it on, it will no longer be returned. That’s according to update guidance, reported on by Cult of Mac.

It is now explicitly asking customers to remove them. Its new support document warns that any bands sent in will not be returned. Your Apple Watch band and any other accessories that you send won’t be returned, so please remove them before sending your Apple Watch in for service,” read the updated guidelines. Apple also reminds users who own a Link Bracelet band to “remember to separate the link before you remove the band.” In the past, Apple has been known to return accessories, bundled together, when practical. Apple Watch bands would be be reattached, but they would be sent back to the user. It’s possible that practice has now become too time-consuming.

Catalyst Launches Drop Case for Apple Watch, Plus Sports Band

SAN FRANCISCO – Catalyst launched two new products for Apple Watch at Pepcom in San Francisco on Thursday. I visited with the company at the event, and got a look at both. The first is Impact Protection Case for Apple Watch, in both 42mm and 38mm versions. It pops right on and off your Apple Watch and works with different Apple Watch straps. It’s drop proof up to 9.9 feet (3 meters), and comes in a variety of colors, including the blue shown on the left side of the image below. The Catalyst Sports Band for Apple Watch comes in gray, black, green, or the same blue. It’s made with a triangular truss structure to be both strong and lightweight. It also allows the strap to be closed anywhere along it’s length to fit you exactly where you want it (plus it has a double locking clasp). They’re both priced at $39.99, and are available now.

Monowear Leather Deployant Band for Apple Watch

One of the things I miss most about my Zenith now that I wear Apple Watch almost exclusively is the deployant clasp. This is a kind of buckle that folds/unfolds and closes with a snap. A quality deployant clasp is…simply lovely to use. With my Apple Watch Series 2, I have a nylon strap (that I like) that uses an old-fashioned buckle. It’s like I’m some king of animal, or something. And yes, I’m so kidding, but I love a good deployant clasp. A friend was shopping for third party Apple Watch straps and pointed me to Monowear’s Leather Deployant Band. At $89.99 (currently on sale for $71.99), it’s inexpensive for a real-leather strap with a deployant clasp (YMMV on whether that’s inexpensive). I haven’t tested one yet, but I’m intrigued. I like the stitching, and they do a variety of metal finishes and leather colors.

'Dual Band System' Let's You Hide Your Apple Watch

Check out the “The Dual Band System” from Sinn (via The Next Web), and it’s a way of having your mechanical watch cake while eating like a poser, too. With this $210 strap ($120 when purchased with a Sinn watch), you can wear your mechanical watch on top of your wrist. But hidden underneath your wrist is your Apple Watch, all on the down low. Listen, I love a mechanical watch as much as the next horological wingnut. And I’ll be honest, I am often torn on whether to wear my Zenith timepiece or my Apple Watch. But this, dear folks, is not the solution. Be that as it may, I wanted to share. 😂

Apple Should Scrap Leather if Its Serious About The Environment

Apple is always keen to tout its environmental credentials. However, Adam Oram at iMore makes a really good point. If the company wanted to really improve the impact it has on the environment further, it would stop using leather.

One aspect of Apple’s product lineup no one appears to be looking at, though, is the use of leather. Environmentally, leather is extremely damaging, and it’s surprising to me that Apple has not pursued more eco-friendly alternatives. Apple has a long history with leather, having made a variety of accessories. Right now, in Apple’s product lineup, it has several leather items, including iPhone cases, folios, and sleeves, Apple Watch bands, iPad Smart Covers, MacBook sleeves, MagSafe wallets, and AirTag key rings. These are all supplementary to its hero products, but they are often sold as add-ons when picking up a new phone or tablet.