We Are Digital Renters of Our Own Objects

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I thought this was an interesting angle in the “Our technology controls” us narrative. It’s the idea that we are sort of digital renters of our technology.

Today, we may think we own things because we paid for them and brought them home, but as long as they run software or have digital connectivity, the sellers continue to have control over the product. We are renters of our own objects, there by the grace of the true owner.


New Tool Credder Will Rate News Media Credibility

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A startup called Credder wants to offer a rating system like Rotten Tomatoes, but for news publications. The hope is to offer people a way to check the credibility of a particular website, and rate them.

Startup Credder is trying to solve this problem with reviews from both journalists and regular readers. These reviews are then aggregated into an overall credibility score (or rather, scores, since the journalist and reader ratings are calculated separately). So when you encounter an article from a new publication, you can check their scores on Credder to get a sense of how credible they are.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for Mac: $29.99

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We have a deal on AfterShot Pro 3 for Mac from Corel. This photo editing software is designed specifically for RAW files, utilizing a built-in RAW converter that allows you to upload, edit, and manage extremely high quality photos without inflicting any damage. It’s $29.99 through our deal.

News+: The Lazy Person’s Guide to Backing Up Data

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In PCMag’s latest issue, Jill Duffy writes about choosing backup services that you’ll actually use, as well as the lazy person’s guide to backing up data.

The joke goes that there are two kinds of people: those who back up their data and those who haven’t lost everything yet. It’s painfully true. Losing your files can be heartbreaking, career-ruining, and expensive if you need to hire an expert to help you recover them. Backing up your data is a preventive measure that avoids all those problems. It sounds like a tedious chore, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a backup solution for every kind of person—the lazy, the diligent, and everyone in between.

This is part of Andrew’s News+ series, where he shares a magazine every Friday to help people discover good content in Apple News+.

Lady Gaga Rumored for Apple Park Opening

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Dr. Dre, Lady Gaga, Jimmy Iovine

Rumors surfaced Friday that pop superstar Lady Gaga will perform at the opening of Apple’s new headquarters, AppleInsider reported. The grand opening of Apple Park is set to take place Saturday. A rainbow stage was recently erected on the site for use during the celebration.

“There are unconfirmed reports that Lady Gaga will be performing at Apple Parks’ [sic] formal opening event tomorrow, celebrating Steve Jobs,” said Lady Gaga Now on Friday. It didn’t identify sources, but did note that Gaga — whose real name is Stefani Germanotta — boarded a private jet in Los Angeles on Thursday. Her only current concert schedule involves a residency in Las Vegas, and there are no performance dates there this week. The company recently confirmed that a rainbow stage at the center of Apple Park was erected for a combined opening/Jobs event. It indicated that the event would take place on May 17, however, not Saturday.

UPDATE: 9to5Mac reports that Lady Gaga’s appearance is confirmed.

AR Game Minecraft Earth Launches This Summer

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This summer Microsoft will be launching an augmented reality game called Minecraft Earth. And it wants to be bigger than Pokémon Go.

Microsoft says it will kick off a closed beta of Minecraft Earth this summer on iOS and Android. Naturally, there are going to be limited slots, and you’ll also have to be 18 or older to sign up. And while the plan is to get Minecraft Earth completely global, it’s going to start off with a gradual rollout in select locations. You can also expect it to support all the languages in the original game, at least.

I never got into Minecraft, but I look forward to trying this game out.

Architect I.M. Pei's Influence on Apple

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I.M. Pei Louvre

Legendary architect I.M. Pei passed away Thursday, aged 102. Most famous for the glass pyramid at the Louvre, he also had a major influence on Apple, Cult of Mac reported.

I.M. Pei first got involved with Apple in the early 80s, before it even launched the first Macintosh. Jobs wanted to hire I.M. Pei to design a campus for Apple in Coyote Valley, San Jose. This didn’t end up happening, but Jobs and Pei did work together not long after. The first instance was an ongoing project to create an apartment in the San Remo, a Neo-Renaissance apartment building in New York City. Jobs hired I.M. Pei’s firm to work on the project, although Jobs never wound up living there.

Grumpy Cat: Viral Sensation Dies at Age 7

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Grumpy Cat has died at age 7, reported Buzzfeed News. The pet went viral in September 2012 when a picture of it appeared on Reddit. After that, Grumpy Cat’s life was never the same again.

She died in the arms of her owner on Tuesday, according to an emotional statement posted on Twitter. “Despite care from top professionals, as well as from her very loving family, Grumpy encountered complications from a recent urinary tract infection that unfortunately became too tough for her to overcome,” it read.”She passed away peacefully on the morning of Tuesday, May 14, at home in the arms of her mommy, Tabatha.”