TMO Background Mode Interview with iOS & Android Indie Developer Graham Dawson

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Graham Dawson on Background Mode.

Graham Dawson is an iOS and Android indie developer who specializes in meteorological and astronomical reference apps. He’s the founder and director of Ajnaware Pty, Ltd in Australia and publishes apps under the name ozPDA. Graham holds a B.Sc. in physics and meteorology, and a Ph.D. in oceanography. Graham told me about his early interest in weather thanks to extreme conditions, especially snow. That’s because, in his youth, he was skiing in Switzerland. Soon he had a weather observation station in his backyard, and he could think of nothing else as he entered his undergraduate years. Today, he publishes a wide range of apps related to the sun, moon, wind, weather and time. Some feature augmented reality. Thanks to his academic background, these apps have rock solid computational credentials. Graham told me how it all came to be.

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak Looks Like a Fun Zombie Shooter for iOS

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Check out Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak. It’s a zombie shooter for iOS (and Android, if that’s your thing) by GameSpire, and it looks like a lot of fun. The player is part of BIOCORP’s strike force, and your job is to stop the zombie outbreak and collect DNA samples, too. It’s free to download, with in-app purchases available for boosted play. Check out the gameplay video below.

The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle: $35

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The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle

We have a deal on the The Complete Swift 3 Hacking Bundle, 64 hours of training videos with hundreds of lectures. It’s designed to teach you Swift 3 for iOS, macOS, and watchOS, and you can get it through us for $35.

The Boys of Summer are Back in Town – Mac Geek Gab 661

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Mac Geek Gab Logo

Quick Tips to start (no hints!), and then it’s time for some new Mac advice, which is a fitting question to get on the heels of Apple’s WWDC 2017 announcements. Then it’s time to discuss backups, and how much you should worry (hint: a LOT… that’s the point of backing up!). Add in some Wi-Fi chaos and that’s the foundation of a good Mac Geek Gab episode.

Feral Ships Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III for Mac, Watch the Trailer [Update]

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Feral shipped Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III for Mac (and Linux) this week. This installment of the popular large-scale warfare plaform puts the player as one of three ever-warring factions. It includes giant war machines, new graphics, new weapons, and elite squads. It also has both a single player game and multiplayer.  It’s US$59.99, and is currently available direct from Feral and through Steam. The company told me on June 19th that it will also soon be on the Mac App Store. The original trailer for Dawn of War III for Mac is embedded below, and it looks amazing. [Update: Edited with availability through Steam and the Mac App Store. – Bryan]