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Satechi Launches Three Compact Chargers in Time for iPhone 13

Satechi has launched three chargers: A MagSafe car charger, one is a 40W dual USB-C PD car charger, and the third is a 20W USB-C PD wall charger.

Apple Store Staff in Line for Bonuses of up to $1000

Apple Store staff, online sales staff, and AppleCare workers are going to receive bonuses of up to US$1000 next month.

These iPhone Apps Track You Even After You Say No With ATT

iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency lets you disable app tracking, but these apps do it anyway, according to a recent investigation.

'ShadowDragon' Helps Michigan State Police Surveil its Citizens

An investigation on Thursday shows how Michigan State Police use software called ShadowDragon to collect online data. This helps them identify “persons of interest.”

By providing powerful searches of more than 120 different online platforms and a decade’s worth of archives, the company claims to speed up profiling work from months to minutes. ShadowDragon even claims its software can automatically adjust its monitoring and help predict violence and unrest. Michigan police acquired the software through a contract with another obscure online policing company named Kaseware for an “MSP Enterprise Criminal Intelligence System.”

Microsoft Unveils New Surface Laptop Studio

Microsoft unveiled the new 14.4″ Surface Laptop Studio on Wednesday. Users can alternate between using the device as a laptop or tablet. It also offers Slim Pen storage and charging too, much like the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. A new video outlines all the available features.

Apple Blacklists 'Fortnite' Until Legal Dispute With Epic is Over

Apple has decided to blacklist Fortnite from the App Store until all legal appeals have been completed, according to the CEO of Epic Games.

FaceTime SharePlay and More in iOS 15.1 Beta

The highly anticipated FaceTime SharePlay feature is back in the first iOS 15.1 beta. That’s not all that Cupertino has added, though.

Apple Music Playlist Curated by Deaf People

Apple Music has its first playlist curated by Deaf people. The collection includes music by a variety of artists, including Eminimen, The Commodores, and Kendrick Lamar. It is inspired by the movie Coda, which is available now to TV+ subscribers, and meant to highlight the different ways Deaf people can experience songs.

Adding COVID-19 Vaccination Records to Apple Health

With iOS 15, you can easily store COVID-19 vaccination records on your iPhone. Just scan the QR code, and the information is in Apple Health.

Watch The Dramatic Trailer For Apple TV+ Series 'Invasion'

A dramatic official trailer for Invasion was released on Wednesday. The much-anticipated sci-fi series lands on Apple TV+ on October 22, as part of streamer’s fall lineup.

Shortcuts and Focus Modes – TMO Daily Observations 2021-09-22

Charlotte Henry and Jeff Butts join host Kelly Guimont to discuss first impressions of the new iOS 15, including Focus and notification styles.

Brydge Releases 'Stone Pro TB4' Universal Docking Station

Brydge has released a Stone Pro TB4 universal docking station. It supports Thunderbolt 4 and is compatible with Windows 10 | 11, macOS, and ChromeOS.

Once a Upon a Time, Phones Were Phones. Then the iPhone Came Along

Vox has launched the newest season of its podcast Land of the Giants. In the first episode they talked to Apple executives about how the iPhone changed everything.

True story. Once upon a time, mobile phones were … phones. You used them to make phone calls. Maybe you’d send some texts, if you were kind of advanced. The iPhone changed all that. And it changed more than the way we used phones: It changed Apple, and it changed culture, and it overturned industries and created new ones. And all of that happened really, really fast: Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone just 14 years ago. But it’s already almost impossible to imagine what life was like before that.

Tim Cook Memo Asking Apple Staff Not to Leak Gets Leaked

Tim Cook has said leakers at Apple “do not belong here” in a memo…that was, inevitably, leaked to ‘The Verge’.

iMazing Update Supports iOS 15, Podcasts, and Continues Spyware Detection

iMazing has been updated to 2.14.3, which adds support for iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and adds a new feature.

Photographer Austin Mann Reviews the iPhone 13 Camera

Photographer Austin Mann has published his review of the iPhone 13 Pro camera. He travelled to Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, to put the device through its paces. He has a video below as well as a written blog post about the camera. “The most substantial hardware improvement in the iPhone 13 Pro camera system is the all-new 13 mm Ultra Wide lens with a much faster f/1.8 aperture (about a stop faster than the f/2.4 Ultra Wide lens in iPhone 12 Pro). The larger aperture means better light collecting ability, which should result in sharper low-light images with faster shutter speeds.”

Apple TV+: Sharon Horgan to Write and Star in Dark Comedy Series

‘Catastrophe‘ creator Sharon Horgan is to star in an upcoming dark comedy for Apple TV+, adapted from the Flemish series Clan.

Urban Armor Gear Launches Rugged iPhone 13 Cases

Urban Amor Gear announced a line of rugged iPhone 13 cases. The Civilian Series, Essential Armor, Metropolis Series, and others are ready.

Mozilla Adds Facebook Messenger, Houseparty, and WeChat to 'Privacy Not Included' Guide

In a review of the privacy features of 21 popular video call apps, Mozilla said Apple’s FaceTime is safe, while WeChat, Houseparty, and Facebook Messenger are not.

Says Jen Caltrider, *Privacy Not Included Lead at Mozilla: Video call apps are now a routine part of millions of people’s lives. And even when the pandemic recedes, that won’t change. In this new world, people deserve to know if the apps they’re using everyday respect their privacy — or if they’re snooping on them. While video call apps may feel more intimate than social media platforms, there’s still a ton of data being collected, stored, and shared. For that reason, users should assume that anything they say on a video call app could be made public.

Binance Trust Wallet Adds Support for Unstoppable Domains

Binance announced support for Unstoppable Domains on Wednesday. This gives customers easy NTF domain names like “username.wallet.”