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Rory Cellan Jones, BBC Technology Correspondent and author of ‘Always On: Hope and Fear in the Social Smartphone Era’, joins Charlotte Henry to discuss the launch of the iPhone and how Apple became a content creation company.

Web Founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee Auctioning Source Code as NFT

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Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the world wide web, is auctioning the source code as an NFT. The move is not without controversy, BBC News reported.

Some have expressed surprise at the news given that Sir Tim famously refused to patent his invention. The sale is being handled by Sotheby’s auction house, and the money made will be put towards causes chosen by Sir Tim and his wife, Sotheby’s said. Sir Tim invented the world wide web – the main modern way we use the internet – in 1989. He proposed a way of linking together different pieces of information stored on the early internet through hyperlinks, and built the first web browser and web server.

'The Daily' Looks at Apple's Bet on China

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Apple China flag

Monday’s episode of The Daily podcast looked at Apple’s relationship with China and how it has evolved over time. It builds on a recent New York Times investigation into the same subject and raises some uncomfortable questions for the company.

Why You Should Drill a Hole Into Your iPhone or iPad

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Broken iPhone

Over the weekend, Nikita Mazurov for The Intercept reminds us that a good way to wipe our iDevices is to drill a hole through it.

If you can’t access your device, the most careful approach to wiping it is to destroy the flash memory chip that houses your data. This way you don’t have to lose sleep if you didn’t use a strong passcode, or worry about a forensics vendor being able to recover any of your personal information.

Watch This Sci-Fi Film if You Want to Cry Into Your Cheerios

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DUST is a channel on YouTube that showcases short sci-fi films from indie creators. One of the more recent ones is a video called “It’s Okay.” The description: “In this Black Mirror-esque tale, a couple revisit key moments of their past, only for their memories to take an unexpected turn.” It’s from Justin Giddings and Ryan Welsh. I’ve been watching DUST for a while, and this video is one of the rare ones that actually have a complete story, rather than leaving it open-ended like many of these shorts.

Watch This Sci-Fi Film if You Want to Cry Into Your Cheerios

New Apple iPad Pro Advert, Inspired by 'The Little Mermaid'

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There’s a new iPad advert from Apple starting to do the rounds, soundtracked by a version of ‘Part of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid.  It compares the frustration of working with clunky old PCs to the seamless joy of an iPad Pro. I saw it air in the UK over the weekend for the first time, and iMore picked up on Twitter reports about the clip. It was ‘unlisted’ on Apple’s official YouTube channel at the time of this writing. This spot also builds on the movie theme also seen recently in the advert for the new purple iPhone 12, which uses music from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

Download the M1 iPad Pro Wallpapers Here

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The folks at OSXDaily found all eight M1 iPad Pro wallpapers. Four of them are light mode and four of them are dark mode. “This time around, Apple has made sure the new wallpapers show off the new Liquid Retina XDR display in all its glory. But, if you already have an older iPad Pro, you can replicate the look with these new wallpapers, as we’ve sourced them for you in full resolution.“

Download the M1 iPad Pro Wallpapers Here

HaaS: Hay as a Service – Mac Geek Gab 876

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Listen as John and Dave share your Quick Tips about Safari Picture-in-Picture, the caveats of Finder’s Drag and Drop, Apple Remotes, and more. Lots of suggestions and ideas about note-taking and idea capturing on-the-go in the episode, many of them from y’all! Then your two favorite geeks even have time to answer a few questions, including a clever workaround for blocking SMS spam. Plus… HaaS folks! It’s gonna be big! Or at least amusing. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things!

Apple TV+: 'Lisey's Story' Made Pablo Larraín Rethink Filmmaking

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In a new clip, Lisey’s Story director Pablo Larraín explained how working on the adaptation of the Stephen King novel demanded he rethink his approach to filmmaking. Stars Julianne Moore and Clive Owen also discussed the working process. The first three episodes of season one are available to Apple TV+ subscribers now, with new episodes released each Friday.