Net Neutrality Ends in US, Protective Legislation Stalls

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Net Neutrality faces Republican opposition

FCC chairman Ajit Pai’s dream of an internet unshackled from net neutrality regulations is coming true because as of now the Open Internet Order is no longer in effect, opening the door for internet service providers to control access to online content in the United States as they see fit.

iMazing Adds iOS 12 Beta Backup Support

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Good news, iOS developers. iMazing 2.6.1 is out and it includes support for iOS 12 beta. That means you can back up the data and apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch test devices and restore to an earlier state if something goes wrong. It also means iMazing is already good to go when the public betas start rolling out. iMazing is priced at US$39.99 and the update is free.

iMazing Adds iOS 12 Beta Backup Support

How to Share Your Location in WhatsApp

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If you use the third-party messenger service WhatsApp, then you should know how to temporarily share your location with the folks you chat with! Whether you’re meeting someone at an airport or just for coffee, this can provide a simple way to find other people.

Merry Go Round, a Wireless Charger Plus 6 USB Charging Ports

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Merry Go Round Wireless Charger

We have a deal on the Merry Go Round Wireless Charger, a Qi charger with 6 built-in USB charging ports, too. That makes it a one-stop charging hub for your Apple devices, and you can throw in a couple of Android devices, too, if that’s your jam. It comes in Grey (the company’s spelling) or Black, and is $24.99 through our deal.