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Tim Cook Pivots to Play Active Role in Shaping Apple Narrative

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a major pivot in managing the affairs of Apple. Bryan Chaffin believes Mr. Cook made a conscious decision to play an active role in shaping the Apple narrative.

A Stinging Indictment of Apple Pay Paints a Dreary Future

Apple Pay is technically very cool. It has many devoted fans and is growing overall. However, despite its popularity in geek circles, it is not being embraced by the majority of those who are capable of using it. The problem has many aspects that, altogether, create a continuing challenge for Apple. A recent analysis of Apple Pay delves deeply into its slower than desired adoption.

A Deeper Look at Apple's 'Macintosh Problem'

Apple’s overall Macintosh sales are in decline, for how long we don’t know. The MacBook Pro is long over due for a refresh. Apple’s Mac Pro has languished. The Mac mini, last updated in 2014, was less than intoxicating. What’s happening? John takes a look.

MGG 613: Deep Dives Into APFS, Synology, Powerline & More

Dave’s traveling, so when he and John pre-recorded this one they decided to take a bit of a different direction and do a bit of a deep dive into one of their favorite topics: Synology DiskStations. But don’t worry, they also answered a few of your questions and shared a couple tips. It’s still your two favorite geeks, after all!

The Macintosh Product Line Will Soon Change Before Our Eyes

There are certain Macintosh products that are carry overs from the past and there are top selling Macs that suggest the future of Apple. While some suggest that the transformation of the product line means the end of the Mac, John Martellaro suspects there could also be a glorious new beginning.

You Thought iPhone Is a Cute Telephone with Internet - Wrong

So you thought the iPhone was just a cute, miniature telephone with a camera, music player and internet access. In 2016, that’s not really the right way to think about the iPhone. John Martellaro looks at how the iPhone has affected modern culture and how Apple, in turn, has responded. The evolution of iOS is put in perspective.

Apple's Change From OS X to macOS Hardly 'Muddies the Waters'

On June 30, an article was published at Computerworld claiming that Apple’s change from “OS X” to “macOS” will “do nothing for the Mac except accelerate its downward spiral as a fringe hardware product… and muddy the waters.” John Martellaro takes a look at this article with a critical eye and sets the record straight.

Apple Kills the Thunderbolt Display - Will the Mac Pro Be Next?

On June 23rd, Apple announced that the aging, obsolete, overpriced Thunderbolt Display is being discontinued. No replacement display was announced, and customers have been directed to 3rd party products. What does this mean for the Mac Pro?

What We've Learned About Apple's New File System, APFS

It wasn’t discussed in the WWDC keynote. But Apple’s has been developing a new file system for all its devices called Apple File System. It’s been a hot topic of discussion over the last week. Here are some of the notable things we’ve learned since the first day of WWDC along with some context.

6 Things I Learned about Apple from Gruber's Interview with Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi

John Gruber has posted the full video of The Talk Show Live from last week’s World Wide Developer Conference, where his guests were Apple senior vice presidents Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi. It’s a great interview, and I highly encourage you to watch it in its entirety, but there were six things in particular I learned.