The M1 Pro Vs. M1 Max Chip

· Dave Hamilton & John F. Braun · Video Tip

Apple recently unleashed TWO new chips with their new MacBook Pros. Watch this mini-segment from Mac Geek Gab 896 to learn more about the M1 Pro and M1 Max Chip.

Coinstar Adds Bitcoin ATMs to Walmart Retail Stores

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Following a collaboration with Coinstar, Walmart customers can now make use of 200 Bitcoin ATMs in the retail giant’s pilot program.

The process of buying Bitcoin through these machines is straightforward but relatively costly. Shoppers will insert banknotes into the ATM, which will then issue a voucher carrying a redemption code. The voucher can only be redeemed after the completion of the Know-Your-Customer process. According to the Coinstar FAQ page, “Each purchase carries a transaction fee of 4% and a cash exchange fee of 7%.”

Translation: If you really want to buy Bitcoin with cash, this method may be a good option for you. Otherwise you can buy cryptocurrencies through exchanges. Privacy downside: Many of these exchanges are required to use a Know Your Customer (KYC) process. Upload your photo, driver’s license, and fill out other personal information.

iOS: A New Charging Animation for Your iPhone

· Jeff Butts · How-To

New Charging Animation for Your iPhone

If you hate how boring the charging notification is on the iPhone, here’s a solution. Give your iPhone a cool charging animation.

Battery Buddy Makes Charging Your MacBook More Fun

· Jeff Butts · Cool Stuff Found

Let’s face it, the default battery indicator on MacBooks is pretty boring. If you want to liven it up a bit, consider the terminally cute (and free) app Battery Buddy by Neil Sardesai. This indicator shows your MacBook’s battery charge using cute smiley faces. Fully charged, the indicator smiles at you, but he grows less happy and more sad as your battery drains. When you plug in, your little battery buddy gets a charging icon next to him.

Battery Buddy Makes Charging Your MacBook More Fun

macOS 12 Monterey Release Candidate 2 Available

· Jeff Butts · News

The macOS 12 Monterey release is just around the corner. Folks on the Developer or Public Betas can update to the release candidate now.

How to Avoid Becoming Powerless

· Bob LeVitus · Dr. Mac's Rants & Raves

If you suffer from FOROOJ (Fear of Running Out of Juice), Dr. Mac has the cure (and it’s not “more cowbell…”)

Teardown Reveals Why Apple Watch Series 7 Faced Delays

· Charlotte Henry · Link

Apple Watch Series 7 teardown

We all enjoy the iFixit teardowns of new products. This time, they’ve enlisted the help of some former Apple engineers to look at the insides of the Apple Watch Series 7. It gives a hint as to why the device might have been delayed.

Apple Music Becoming Available on Windows 11 as an Android App

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Windows 11

Windows 11 users will soon be able to access Apple Music as an Android appMacRumors reported on the functionality, currently available only to beta testers.

Microsoft released Windows 11 earlier this month, but its promised support for side-loading Android apps was delayed. That just got one step closer, however, with the first preview of the support now available to testers in the Beta Channel version of Windows 11, which means interested users need to opt into the Windows Insider program to gain access. As it’s a preview release, Microsoft has limited the number of Android apps that can be run on Windows 11, and has partnered with Amazon to make around 50 apps on the Amazon Appstore available to download and install. ‌Apple Music‌ isn’t available on Amazon’s Appstore, but it is possible to run the app using the app’s APK and the Windows Subsystem for Android.

Is Safari Becoming the New Internet Explorer Holding Back Progress?

· Andrew Orr · Link

Safari icon in mac dock

Scott Gilbertson writes about Safari for The Register on Friday, pondering its features (or lack thereof) with other major browsers.

If Apple were less opaque and faster in its development process it could participate more in the debate over new APIs. If the company truly has concerns about the privacy implications of APIs, then it should voice them. Push back against Google, and provide a real alternative to Chrome. It wouldn’t be easy, but it might be the only hope we have.

'Invasion' Now Streaming on Apple TV+

· Charlotte Henry · Cool Stuff Found

Invasion Apple TV+

The aliens have arrived with Invasion,  the first three episodes of which are now available on Apple TV+. The remaining seven episodes will be released on a weekly basis. The show is set across multiple continents and follows an alien attack on Earth through a variety of different perspectives.

PUBG: New State Coming to iPhone November 11

· Jeff Butts · News

pubg new state

Mobile gamers anxious for the next chapter in the PUBG franchise don’t have much longer to wait. PUBG: New State arrives on iOS November 11.

'REvil' Ransomware Group Taken Down Through Multi-Country Effort

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The FBI, working with Cyber Command, the Secret Service, and other countries, took down REvil.

According to three people familiar with the matter, law enforcement and intelligence cyber specialists were able to hack REvil’s computer network infrastructure, obtaining control of at least some of their servers. After websites that the hacker group used to conduct business went offline in July, the main spokesman for the group, who calls himself “Unknown,” vanished from the internet.

Google Follows Apple And Slashes Play Store Fees

· Charlotte Henry · Link

Google is reducing the fees it takes from developers in the Play Store, CNBC reported. It is dropping the cut it takes from subscriptions from 30 percent to 15 from day one. The move from Google follows similar ones made by Apple.

Google also said on Thursday that it was introducing a program to allow e-books, music streaming services, and other apps that pay for content to access fees as low as 10%. Apple doesn’t make exceptions for those kind of apps and doesn’t offer a 10% fee to developers in its app store. Apple, which has received more regulator attention over its app store than Google, over the past two years cut its take from 30% to 15% in many cases, including for apps making less than $1 million per year, news apps, and certain premium video streamers that participate in an Apple program. But Apple still charges 30% for the first year of a subscription, meaning that Google’s app store may be more competitive for subscription-based apps.