AirPods Available in Apple's Retail Stores on Dec 19

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AirPods in Apple Stores on December 19

If you missed out on ordering your AirPods for a pre-Christmas delivery, there’s still a chance you might get ahold of a pair because they’ll be available in Apple’s retail stores on Monday, December 19th. Don’t, however, get your hopes up because this will likely mirror the Apple Pencil launch where “available in store” really means “good luck with that.”

Firewatch Comes to Mac App Store

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When Firewatch launched on Steam back in February the internet pretty much went crazy over the game, and now it’s available as a native Mac title. The game tasks you with solving a mystery while working as a firewatcher in Wyoming. The graphics are beautiful, the story is intriguing, and the only help you get comes from another firewatcher talking over your portable radio. Firewatch costs US$19.99 on Apple’s Mac App Store, and if you haven’t played it yet get ready to have a very unproductive weekend.

Firewatch Comes to Mac App Store

Super Mario Run Already the Top Grossing App Store Title

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Super Mario Run is already the top grossing and top free game download at Apple's App Store

Nintendo released Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad Thursday afternoon, and by early Friday morning it was already the top grossing and top free title on Apple’s App Store. The game is a free download with a US$9.99 in-app purchase to unlock extra levels, and considering Mario’s top spot on the App Store plenty of players are happy to pay up.

ActiveInbox, an Gmail Task Manager: $24.95

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ActiveInbx on a MacBook, iPhone, Android

We have a different sort of deal for you today on ActiveInbox, a Chrome-browser-based Gmail task manager. The company has an iOS app, too. Our deal is for one year of access to ActiveInbox for $24.95, which is 37% off retail. There are deals for longer licenses on the same page, too.

Shigeru Miyamoto Draws Super Mario Run on iPad Pro (Video)

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Mario fans, Nintendo Mobile and Apple have posted a video of Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto drawing the character on an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. The game launched Thursday exclusively on iOS, and Apple has been pushing the game hard. In this video, you see Mario and other characters from the franchise take shape on the iPad screen. Apple also published a blog post about the video and featured it on the company’s website. To me, drawing/art is voodoo. I can’t do it. Watching the process of an iconic figure taking shape is plain fascinating to me.

Turn Your iPhone into an Amazon Echo with Astra

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Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot are pretty cool, but what if you don’t have one yet—or aren’t home to use yours? That’s where Astra comes in. It’s an iPhone app that links to your Amazon account so you talk talk to Alexa just as if you’re right in front of your own Echo. The app lets you do pretty much everything your Echo or Echo Dot can handle, except for music playback or reading audio books. You can also remotely control your Echo-aware smarthome devices with your voice, which is worth the app’s US$0.99 price tag all by itself. You can get Astra at Apple’s App Store.

Turn Your iPhone into an Amazon Echo with Astra

Super Mario Run Available for iPhone and iPad

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Super Mario Run on the iPhone

As promised, Super Mario Run for the iPhone and iPad launched on Apple’s App Store on Thursday. The game marks Mario’s first official appearance on Apple’s mobile devices and was first teased this fall, and if the hype is any indication productivity is going to take a serious hit for the rest of today.

Brydge Keyboards for iPad Go on Sale at Best Buy Starting 12/15

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Brydge 12.9 Keyboard for iPad Pro

My favorite accessory for my iPads has been the line of Brydge aluminum keyboards.  These are first-class, full featured, Bluetooth keyboards that use a unique, secure hinge attachment to the iPad. The result looks a lot like a MacBook. Now, Brydge is offering reduced prices at Best Buy only starting 12/15. I’ve reviewed these keyboards in the past and love them all. The link here is to the latest reviewed product, the Brydge 12.9 for the iPad Pro 12.9-inch.  Here are the new Best Buy prices. These new prices will propagate to all sales locations over the next week.

  • iPad mini 2 and mini 4 keyboards (BrydgeMini and Brydge 7.9) US$99 (was $129)
  • iPad Air, Air 2 and Pro 9.7 (Brydge 9.7) to $129 (was $149)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (Brydge 12.9) $149 (was $189)

Exocharge 3-Port USB Car Charger: $14.99

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Exocharge 3-Port USB Car Charger

Check out the Exocharge 3-Port USB Car Charger. The name says it all: it’s a three-port USB charger for your car that plugs into your car’s auxiliary power (lighter). One port puts out 2.1 amps, one does 2.0 amps, and the third does 1 amp. You can get this device through our deal for $14.99.

1B User Accounts Compromised in Massive Yahoo! Data Breach

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Over a billion Yahoo user accounts compromised in single largest data breach ever

If you have a Yahoo! login, it’s time to go change your password again. The company says personal information for more than a billion users was stolen, including names and passwords. The security breach happened in August 2013, and is likely the largest ever.

Time for a Mac Security Checkup!

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The end of the year is a good time to think through your security practices and especially what types of passwords you use (and how you store them). In today’s Quick Tip, Melissa Holt will walk us through a few of her favorite ways you can stay safe, both online and at home.

Apple Pay Expands with Causemo And GoDaddy

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On Wednesday, Apple added domain registrar GoDaddy and startup Causemo to Apple Pay. Apple has steadily expanded the list of retailers and other companies who accept Apple Pay online, increasing the service’s footprint.

Minix NEO C Mini USB-C to HDMI: Low Cost, Low Weight

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Minix NEO C Mini

The Minix NEO C Mini is the little brother of the USB-C NEO C Multiport Adapter Dock previously reviewed. This smaller, less expensive model supports only pass-through power, HDMI (UHD) and two USB-A ports. It’s also half the price. John liked it a lot and highly recommends it for the Apple MacBook and new 2016 MacBook Pro.