The Award Winning Speed Reading Bundle - Lifetime License: $15

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The 2019 Award Winning Speed Reading Bundle

We have a deal on a lifetime license for the Award Winning Speed Reading Bundle, which includes 7 Speed Reading EX and Spreeder CX. Both apps are designed to help you read faster—they both run on Mac, Windows, and Linux, and 7 Speed Reading EX also runs on iOS. The bundle is $15 through us.

Cool Stuff Found, Apple Support App, No Laptop Power and More! – Mac Geek Gab 700

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Cool Stuff(s) Found abound, and you’re in for a treat. Something for everyone, apps, hardware, macOS, iOS, you name it! Then it’s on to some questions about iTunes warning. And have you used the Apple Support app? There’s a great story about that, too.

Goodyear's Oxygene Tire Uses Moss to Capture CO2 and Produce Oxygen

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Check out Oxygene, a “concept tire” from Goodyear. Concept tire is like a concept car—it shows what might be, rather than what is. But it’s intensely cool. Firstly, the tire is 3D printed from rubber powder made from recycled tires. It’s the moss, though, that’s weirdly awesome. That’s right, moss, because Goodyear fills the center mass of the tire with moss. The tire captures road moisture—improving grip on the way—and feeds it to the moss. The moss also captures CO2 and does what moss does, turns it into oxygen via photosynthesis. According to Futurism magazine, “In a city roughly the size of Paris, Goodyear estimates these tires could produce 3,000 tons of oxygen and absorb over 4,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year.” Wow. That would turn cars—especially electric cars—into part of the solution to anthropomorphic climate change.

Google Maps Adds Mario to Navigation, Presumably Avoids Bowser

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Mario is good for more than jumping on turtles and saving Princess Peach. He can also help you navigate to your next meeting, assuming you use Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone. Google added Mario as a navigation option to its Maps app to celebrate MAR10 Day on March 10th (apparently that’s a thing). Just make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps installed, and then tap the yellow question mark button at the bottom of the directions screen to enable Mario mode. The navigation arrow changes to Mario in his little cart, zipping along your route to show you where to go. The feature is rolling out this weekend and will be available for about a week. Google Maps is a free download at Apple’s App Store.

Google Maps Adds Mario to Navigation, Presumably Avoids Bowser

Martin Shkreli Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

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Martin Shkreli, he of the 5,000% drug price increases. He of the one-off Wu-Tang Clan album. He of the “you can’t quell the Shkrel” self-boosting. That’s him leaving court back in June, 2017, and thanks to that case, he can now add another he of: he of the seven year prison sentence. That’s what happened today, as Mr. Shkreli was sentenced to seven years, including time served since September while awaiting sentencing, for securities fraud. According to Bloomberg, the judge also ordered him to turn over $7.4 million in cash or assets, and stipulated that everything is eligible, including a “Picasso, $5 million in a personal trading account, a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album and shares in a drug company he once ran.” Here’s hoping that Wu-Tang Clan album winds up in worthier hands out of this.

Martin Shkreli Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

macOS: How to Update Your Mac in the Terminal

· Andrew Orr · How-To

When you use the Terminal method, you can keep using your Mac as the update downloads and the initial installation will take place in the background.