Dashlane Password Manager Premium Subscription: $17.98 with Coupon Code

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

Dashlane Password Manager

We have a deal on a subscription to Dashlane Password Manager, an online password storage system. Features include password generation, support for two-factor authentication systems, access from a variety of devices, and more. A one year subscription is $19.98 though us, but coupon code DASHLANE10 takes another 10% off, bringing it to $17.98. That coupon code works on the three and five year subscription options, too.

Check Your Mac for 32-bit Apps with 32-bitCheck

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

It’s no secret that Apple is phasing 32-bit app support in macOS, so it’s better to find out which apps you rely on that still need updating. Your Mac can give you that information, but 32-bitCheck makes the process even easier. The app checks the apps in the folder you specify, plus you can tell it to check all bundles and Mach-O, too. Checking my Applications folder shows Adobe CS6 apps and FileMaker Pro 11 are 32-bit, so they’ll stop working whenever Apple makes the move to 64-bit only with macOS. 32-bitCheck is a free download at the Eclectic Light website.

Check Your Mac for 32-bit Apps with 32-bitCheck

How to Stop Video Autoplay in the iOS App Store

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

new app store ios 11

The iOS App Store on your iPad or iPhone may autoplay video demos of the apps you’re looking through; if you find that annoying (or don’t want such a thing eating up your cellular data!), come on in and learn what to do in today’s Quick Tip.

Is It Time to Replace Your AirPort Router? – Mac Geek Gab 707

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Mac Geek Gab Logo

APFS support in third-party apps continues to grow, there’s now an app to search for 32-bit apps, secondary iCloud IDs might work well for you, and Apple’s official acknowledgement of the end of the AirPort router line brings up one of our favorite topics again: what Wi-Fi solution is best for your home? John and Dave talk through all of this, all for you. Just like Sister Hazel sang. Or something like that. Just press play and enjoy!

Here's How to Turn Off iOS In-app Review Requests

· Jeff Gamet · Quick Tip

App Store review settings on iPhone

App Store reviews are really important for developers, but sometimes those in-app requests for reviews can get too annoying. If you’ve reached the tipping point and want to turn them off you’re in luck because you can. Read on to learn how.

Amazon's Obsession With Our Personal Lives

· John Martellaro · Link

Amazon Photo on Delivery

Page 2 of Particle Debris takes a look at all the ways Amazon is trying to insert itself into and learn about our personal lives. Customers are continually manipulated into choosing convenience and neglecting standards for privacy. Now, an Amazon family robot looms.

Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle: $34

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Raspberry Pi board

If you want to learn how make a Raspberry Pi do some really cool stuff, but don’t know where to start, check out today’s deal:The Raspberry Pi Mastery Bundle. The collection of eight courses teach you how to make your hardware projects with a Raspberry Pi, how to automate your home, how to use a Raspberry Pi for robotics, and more. The bundle is regularly priced at US$895, but right now it’s available with a crazy 96% discount for only $34 through our deal.

TMO Background Mode Encore #4 Interview with Science Communicator Dr. Kiki Sanford

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Dr. Kiki Sanford

Dr. Kiki Sanford is a neurophysiologist, a popular science communicator and creator of This Week in Science (TWIS) podcast and radio show. This is her fourth appearance here. In this episode, we chat about some some very interesting recent topics on TWIS. 1) Researchers showed that mini human brains implanted into mouse brains survived and functionally integrated into the host tissue. 2) Magnetoreception in birds is possible thanks to a protein in their eyes. They may actually have a heads-up display in their eyes for the Earth’s magnetic field. 3) Amazon’s announcement of its Vesta family robot project. 4) A new, non-invasive patch is being developed to allow diabetics to monitor their gluscose levels. Kiki has a special way of inspiring us to learn about science, so don’t miss BGM’s most popular guest.

4 Heart Rate Monitor Apps For Your Apple Watch

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Apple Watches have a heart rate sensor, and there’s a heart rate monitor built in. But there are also heart rate monitor apps from other developers, and we’ll take a look at four of them.

Standards Manual Brings History of Emoji to Life in New Kickstarter Book

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

Emoji started with a single heart you could add to the end of a message on pagers, and evolved into a set of 176 icons from NTT DoCoMo. That’s grown to over 2,500 symbols with version for our smartphones and computers, along with a movie that literally no one should ever have to watch. Now there’s a book from Standards Manual exploring DoCoMo’s original emoji and the impact they’ve had around the world. These are the same people that made the amazing NASA and New York City Subway style guides, so this new book should be pretty amazing. It’s a Kickstarter project right now and for US$65 you get the book, and the companion app.

Standards Manual Brings History of Emoji to Life in New Kickstarter Book

iOS: How to Delete iOS Mail All At Once

· Andrew Orr · Quick Tip

Whether you want to achieve Inbox Zero or just want to delete a large amount of emails at once, this tip is for you.

T-Mobile, Sprint, and 5G Networks - TMO Daily Observations 2018-04-30

· Jeff Gamet · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

John Martellaro and Andrew Orr join Jeff Gamet to discuss the T-Mobile and Sprint merger along with 5G networks, plus they respond to listener comments on Apple dropping its AirPort product line.