Antivirus Firm Claims There's New Android Malware Every 10 Seconds

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G-Data Android Malware Chart

Sing the lyrics to The Beatles’ “Come Together.” Before you get to “holy roller” there will be a new instance of Android malware out there. That’s according antivirus firm G-Data, who claimed it found 754,958 instances of Android malware in just the first quarter. The company is projecting 3.5 million Android malware samples in 2017, a figure that would beat 2016’s record of more than 3.2 million.

MEEM Memory Cables: $59.99

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MEEM Memory Cable

We have a deal for you today on the MEEM Memory Cable. This clever device is a Lightning charging cable with a built-in flash drive. It’s designed to let you back up some data while you’re charging. It’s $59.99 for a 32GB model. There’s a 16GB Android version in the deal, too.

Amazon Prime Video Finally Headed to Apple TV

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Apple TV to get Amazon Prime Video this summer

Amazon seems to warming up to the idea of bringing Prime Video to the Apple TV, and it could come as early as this summer. Insider sources say Amazon and Apple have finally come to terms, which should make many Apple TV owners very happy.

Apple Dethrones Fitbit as the Top Wearables Maker

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Apple takes top wearables maker slot from Fitbit

Apple has taken over Fitbit’s position as the top wearables maker for the first quarter of 2017. Wearable device shipments are on the rise, as are Apple’s sales, but Fitbit’s numbers are declining and the company laid off over 100 employees earlier this year.

One Veteran's Guide to Becoming an Apple Intern

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Maxime Britto was an intern for Apple. He worked on the WebKit and Safari team, and enjoyed a paid internship he described as an amazing experience. FastCompany published an interview with him, a piece intended to give those of us on the outside a look at what it’s like to intern at a company like Apple. It’s an interesting read, and at the end, Messr. Britto offers some advice to others wanting to be an Apple intern. “Getting involved with Apple’s open source projects is a way that is very likely to succeed because few people go through with really contributing to the projects,” he said. “And if you do, you are noticed by Apple’s team from the inside–and that is your ticket. So my advice is: Find an open source project you like, work hard on it, and be nice and helpful. It will eventually work out, and besides, you’ll learn a lot.” Read the whole story for details on how that worked out for him.

One Veteran’s Guide to Becoming an Apple Intern

Senator Feinstein Revives Encryption Back Door Bill with FBI Support

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Senator Diane Feinstein pushes law requiring tech companies to give law enforcement access to our private encrypted data and communications

Senator Dianne Feinstein is dusting off her bill aimed at forcing technology companies to give the U.S. government access to the encrypted data on our smartphones, tablets, and computers. FBI Director James Comey is on board with her plan saying the inability to access our encrypted data is a major security threat to the country.

Why Apple is Letting iPad Sales Drift Downward

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iPad Pro & pencil

Apple has watched the iPad sales numbers drift downward since 2013. Apple has smart executives. The only conclusion John can draw is that in 2013 and again 2015 Apple embarked on an aggressive, multi-phase program to breathe new life into the iPad. It’s just taking some engineering time, and so during each quarterly Earnings Report, CEO Tim Cook just has to roll with the punches until it’s done. John makes his case for a big surprise in store.

iOS: How To Back Up Voice Memos To iCloud

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Andrew Orr found that voice memos aren’t backed up to ICloud Drive. Instead, it’s something you have to do manually. There are multiple locations to choose from, and Andrew shows us how to back up voice memos to iCloud.

May the Force Be With You, Always, with These Apps for Star Wars Day

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Star Wars Day - May the Force be With You

With so many Star Wars apps, how do you pick which ones to use on Star Wars Day? Jeff Butts has spent hours scouring the App Store for Star Wars games, and then playing around with them to. see how good they are. Don’t let his sacrifice go in vain. Let him help you find some of the best apps to keep you one with the Force.

This Star Wars and Sgt. Pepper's Mashup is so Awesome Even the Empire Would Approve

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Picture this: Star Wars meets Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Actually, you don’t have to picture it because Palette-Swap Ninja did just that, and it’s glorious. They created the ultimate Star Wars and Sgt. Pepper’s mashup album that tells the story of Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans, and you can watch the videos for each track on YouTube. If you’d rather just listen, the album is available as a free download at the Palette-Swap website. May the Fourth be with you.

iCloud: Uploading Files from a Browser

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Want to grab some photos off of your work machine and send them to your Mac at home? Need to get some files from a friend’s computer? If so, check out this Quick Tip from Melissa Holt. She’s going to tell us how to use the upload feature of to sync files and pictures right from any browser!

The Steam Powered Star Wars Gamer Bundle for Mac: $14.99

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Steam Powered Star Wars Gamer Bundle

We have such a great deal for Star Wars Day. It’s called the Steam Powered Star Wars Gamer Bundle, five Mac games from the Star Wars universe. It includes: The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition, Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords. These were all published by Aspyr and run through Steam, and the whole bundle is $14.99 through us. May the fourth be with you!