TMO Background Mode Interview with Red-Sweater Software Founder Daniel Jalkut

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Daniel Jalkut on Background Mode.

Daniel Jalkut is the founder of Red-Sweater Software. His company is most famous for the WordPress blog editing software, MarsEdit. Daniel holds a B.S. in Computer and Information Science from U.C. Santa Cruz. As a teenager, he wasn’t sure what he wanted to do, but his evolving interest in computer science derived from his father who was a software compiler engineer. Daniel soon discovered, with his Timex Sinclair, that he had a knack with computers. In 1995, he went to work for Apple and started working with Mac OS 7.5 as a quality engineer. Later, he transitioned to Mac OS X, maintaining the Carbon APIs. Red-Sweater was born in 2000, and Daniel has been an indie developer since 2002. Tune in to hear how Daniel made it all happen.

Siri Web Search Will Switch to Google From Bing

· Andrew Orr · News

Now the Siri web search results will be the same, whether you search from Safari, Siri, or Search in iOS. The new changes will start rolling out at 9AM PT/12PM ET.

Apple Releases macOS High Sierra

· Jeff Gamet · Product News

macOS High Sierra on iMac

It’s time to grease up your internet pipes because macOS High Sierra is ready for download.

Stargate Command Offers 354 Episodes of Stargate Streaming Plus Stargate Origins Prequel

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

MGM has launched Stargate Command, an online repository for all things Stargate. With some content is available for free, Stargate Command is primarily a paid streaming service for Stargate Origins and the vast back catalog of Stargate TV shows and movies. The Verge noted there were some 354 episodes and three films available, as well as all manner of behind-the-scenes and other superfan content. Stargate Origins is a ten episode streaming prequel that revisits the discovery of the first Stargate in Egypt in 1928. Access to the paid content at Stargate Command is a one-time fee of $20, but as of this writing that will take you only to May of 2018. It’s yet another silofication of streaming content, but at least it’s a semi-one-time fee.

What's Really Going on with Uber in London

· Charlotte Henry · Analysis

The Uber App on an iPhone

Uber has become a core part of London’s busy transport system. So why are some people trying to ban it from the capital?

PHOOZY Capsule Protects Your iPhone from Hot and Cold, and it Floats: $29.99

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals


We have a deal for you today on PHOOZY, a “capsule” that protects your iPhone (or Android device, if that’s your thing) from hot and cold temperatures. It also floats. The company said it was adapted from spacesuit technology, too. There’s more information on the deal listing, and it’s $29.99 through us.

iStat Menus 6 Adds Notification Center, Notifications, and More

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Bjango announced iStat Menu 6 Monday. This is a must-have Mac utility for me and other members of the TMO staff, and the new macOS High Sierra-friendly version adds several new features. First, are notifications based on CPU, network use (!!), disk, battery, weather, and other events. There’s also a new Notification Center widget that gives you a great snapshot view of your Mac’s goings on. There are new color and theme options, and you can rearrange the order in dropdown menus, too. It’s a solid upgrade. Speaking of which, upgrades from previous versions are $9.99, while new licenses are $18. There are family packs available, too.

iStat Menus 6 Adds Notification Center, Notifications, and More

The Truth is in The Cloud – Mac Geek Gab 676

· John F. Braun & Dave Hamilton · Mac Geek Gab Podcast

Mac Geek Gab Logo

iOS 11’s Spotlight Search, Files App, Photo Search, and app management start the show. Then it’s on to discussing the best ways to troubleshoot all iCloud syncing issues. Have dual monitors or are just particular about your window locations? We’ve got that covered, too… and a lot more! And hey, there’s a DAC in that dongle! Press play and enjoy.

Apple Posted Apple Pay How To Videos on YouTube

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Apple recently added two more how-to videos on its YouTube channel. For a while now, the company has posted fun videos that show things you can do with the iPad Pro, or in iOS 11. Ranging from how to drag and drop files, to the recent Pixelmator tutorial, the videos are a quick way to get people familiar with iOS 11, and it’s more fun than reading a manual. In one video, it shows how to add a debit/credit card to the Wallet app. In the other video, it shows how to use Apple Pay in stores. Both videos are meant to be viewed on an iPhone, as they are shot in portrait mode, similar to other Apple videos. You can view the Apple Pay how to videos at the link below.

Apple Posted Apple Pay How To Videos on YouTube