GOOSE VPN 5-Year Subscription: $34

· Bryan Chaffin · TMO Deals

GOOSE VPN on a MacBook

We have a deal on a five year subscription to GOOSE VPN. The service includes 59 servers around the world, plus simultaneous use on an unlimited number of devices. Platforms supported include Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. It’s $39.99 through us, but we have a coupon code—GIFTSHOP15—that brings it down to $34.

Watch Apple's New Commercial, 'iPad Pro - Markup'

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Apple has a new spot called iPad Pro – Markup. It shows the same young woman featured in the What’s a Computer? spot. In this commercial, she’s sitting around with her iPad Pro talking to a friend with FaceTime. She snags a screenshot, marks up the screenshot, and then sends it to the friend in iMessage while continuing the conversation. It’s all fluid, natural, and easy. It ends with the tagline, “A new way to markup instantly.” On the one hand, I’m not sure how many kids can afford an iPad Pro. On the other, I think this delivery speaks perfectly to young people, and that’s entirely the target market.

TMO Background Mode Interview with Ecovacs Head of Marketing Christopher Caen

· John Martellaro · Background Mode Podcast

Christopher Caen on Background Mode

Christopher Caen is the Head of Marketing at Ecovacs Robotics, a company well know for its robotic vacuum cleaners and window cleaners. Christopher has a balanced academic background, being both accomplished in English as well as computer science. His first job was as an summer intern at Atari where he worked in marketing, something that immediately appealed to him. Later, at Paramount, he co-founded the Paramount Technology Group which developed interactive programming and games. Christopher’s career-long expertise in marketing took him to Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Informix and NEC. We talked a lot about internet of things (IoT), modern security practices, and how modern IoT products create a business model that requires a new understanding of and relationship to the customer. If you’re interested in robotics and IoT, this is a must listen.

macOS: How to Export Apple Notes as Plain Text Files

· Andrew Orr · How-To

I noticed that in a lot of the files, there is some weird HTML formatting in the text. This is normal though, because images or other attachments don’t get exported.

HomeSpot USB-C Hub with HDMI for MacBook Pro: $69.99

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HomeSpot USB-C Hub

We have a deal on the HomeSpot USB-C Hub with HDMI for MacBook Pro. It supports 5K video out, and the HDMI port supports 4K. It also has two USB-C ports and three USB ports, as well as an SD port and MicroSD. It’s $69.99 through us.